Nord Guide: Tips for Creating a Good Garden

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Nord is a peaceful world where you can design and build your own village, hang out with your friends and explore lots of awesome and exciting places. Grow and share your crops to reach higher levels and unlock more features such as horses, race cars, witches, teleporters, dance moves and much more.

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One of the major object in Nord is to make a nice garden. Below are some tips from a veteran.

Tips for Creating a Good Garden

By Digipass in the official forum

I have decided to make a few tips on how to make a good garden, and how to make it nice.

1: Always have an idea with the garden before you build it.
F.x: I want it open, i want it with small paths, i want it small, and so on.

2. Next, decide on who you plan on letting into your garden.
F.x: I only want my friends in, or i am in a clan and they need to be able to get in.
These things are importent to have in mind when making a garden, so you don't end up having to rebuild or change later.

3. Have an idea of what resources you want in your garden before you start building, that way you can build the garden after the needs, and not risk it get too "tight".
With tight i mean avoid making it all into one big mess. Try to seperate the different resources, so it is easier for your guests to find what they need.

4. Try to make open areas, or atleast areas, where you can hang out. That encourages people to stay longer, and enjoy the beauty of the garden, or just go exploring.

5. before you start building, you should decide if you want to make events here or not. Because having to rebuild the whole garden to fit a racetrack is time consuming.

6. ALWAYS share your natural resources. In most cases if you don't, you will get a bad reputation, which can make you land on banlists. So sharing natural resources is almost a must.

7. And the most importent thing to last. Remember, it is your garden. You decide. You decide if you want to share your resources or not. (I recommend sharing them, to a certain decree.)
Remember that you decide how you want your garden, the perfect garden for you, is one designed by you. A garden you can feel proud of.

I hope my tips have helped you guys, and i hope you will come up with your own tips aswell.



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