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Hero Mages

Hero Mages is a free online game where players command a band of mighty heroes fighting to control the fate of Papillion. Equipped with traditional board game elements - a set of dice and a hand of cards representing magical spells- players must leverage skill, luck, and social politics to emerge victorious in this exciting battle of turn-based strategy that can be played from any Flash enabled web browser. For more information of Hero Mages and how to play please check here.

This is a beginners guide which contains some tips and tricks, some advice on both 1v1 and 2v2 (yes, Hero Mages could be a team game) and FFA (Free-For-All) situation. We here only extract the part of tips. Check below:

Beginners Look Here

By diesbudt in the official forum

First here are a few tips to remember

1. You can only sprint every other turn, and the amount you sprint is random (don't try to rely on sprinting). And you cannot attack and sprint!

2. You can however (unlike attacking) can use offensive, as well as defensive abilities and sprint the same turn.

3. Keeping your hero out of the line of fire or primary line of fire, while still doing damage will keep you alive longer, if they can kill your hero, and theirs is still strong; you have a huge uphill battle on your hands.

4. Don't rush out using everything you have, try to wait for your opponent to get closer before you spring everything.

5. And remember no matter how good someone is, luck determines the winner, I have seen people get all 16+s and I have personally have had a game or 2 where i couldn't roll higher than a 10

6. Remember, if you are stunned, and you do not have a paladin who can remove it with his "bless" ability, you can opt to attack your own character to wake them up (beware though, you might kill your own character in the process). This is esspecially good if you hero was stunned and your opponent is breathing down your neck in range to destroy him.



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