Baseball Manager: Realistic Fantasy Baseball Game Online

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Baseball Manager

Baseball Manager is one of the longest running fantasy baseball games on the Internet that is in its 18th year. Accord to the developer, it's "the most realistic fantasy baseball game online".

Baseball Manager is a skill contest designed to increase consumer awareness of and interest in Major League Baseball. To win, users must utilize their knowledge of individual players' daily statistics, such as how hitters have performed against left-handed and right-handed pitching, or how starting and relief pitchers have performed in prior outings. Users must also know upcoming pitching rotations and batting lineups of actual major league teams and whether players have been benched or are injured. The more you know about the players and the teams playing in Major League Baseball the better your chances of winning.

Baseball Manager Screenshots
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Full box scores with lineups, pitching, and fielding statistics:

  • Player's stats are his actual appearance from the game played the night before.
  • Scores determined by Scorecard, the unique scoring algorithm.
  • Daily games, just like the Major Leagues. Participate in exciting pennant races.

Baseball Manager Screenshots

Check the Scorecard page to more fully analyze why you won or lost:

  • Be careful. This page is very addictive!
  • Tie-breakers can sometimes go to the Home Team, so make sure you pack the fans in to support your team.
  • And don't kick dirt on this umpire!

Baseball Manager Screenshots

Manage your team all season long:

  • Free Agents are available all season long -- with no transaction fees!
  • Keep an eye on plate and pitching appearances remaining for your players.
  • Relief appearances can be used very quickly, so watch your bullpen!
  • Trade players and remaining BBM money with any other team in your league.

Sign up for multiple seasons with Keeper Leagues:

  • Keeper Leagues require managerial and GM skills so come prepared.
  • Keep 7-10 players on your roster year after year.
  • Lock up your favorite players by declaring "First Rights" to them!
  • Play with the same group of managers every year!

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