Grepolis: Online Strategy Game With Gods of the Greek Mythology

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Grepolis is the third browser based game of InnoGames. In Grepolis, the developers of Tribal Wars and The West invite their users to a journey in the footsteps of Alexander the Great, Ulysses and the beautiful Helene – it is going to the Ancient Greece.

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All start from a polis

In the online game, the players start on a Greek isle and found a polis, which is the Greek word for town. Having built up his town, the user quickly focuses on expansion. At this point, the game offers several options to the user. Will he first take control over his own island and attack the neighbors settled here? Should he conquer the ocean and found more towns on other islands? Or would alliances with other polis be the smartest move?

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A Battlefield for both army and navy

Besides the epic background, practical reasons make Greece a perfect background for this strategy game. More than 3.000 islands belong to the country. In Grepolis, there are even about 20.000 per game world – so ground and marine battles are easily combinened. Thus, Grepolis requires a powerful navy just as much as a forceful army.

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Gods also play an important role

Of course, also another essential element for the era will not be missed in Grepolis as well: the gods of the the Greek mythology. Zeus, Poseidon and Athena, they are all playing their role in Grepolis. But the ambitious player will have to find out, which one he can use best – and who he should be pray to most. Whilst Hera raises the population’s contentedness, Zeus destroys hostile buildings with his flashes.

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The international version of Grepolis has been released: The English Version of Grepolis Launched


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