Maxithlon: The First and Only Online Athletic Club Manager Game

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Every club will need to manage its arena, which consists of running lanes, a press room, a dressing room, seating and a gym. An arena can have from 2 up to 8 lanes. The greater the number of lanes, the higher will be the number of athletes that may race in each heat. Due to the higher competition between the athletes, the final results may therefore be better.

Depending on its size the press room allows the club to organize different levels of events. The greater the size of the press room, the greater the prestige of events that can be organized.

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The Club's economy is fundamental for its success. In the Finances area you'll be able to keep track of your weekly income and expenditures: from the sponsorships to the wages payed out, from the prizes won to the costs for the organizing an event. You can also take a look at the latest transactions made in order to keep better control over your bank balance.

Transfer market

It is possible to put an athlete in the transfer market directly from his/her page and deciding what will be the starting price of the auction. The athlete will be on the market for three days and during this time the other clubs can make bids. The income from the sale will be determined by how long the athlete had remained in your club.

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Athletes of a club may be enrolled in all meetings scheduled that are eligible by your clu. The meetings are divided by level and by category: juniores, seniores and master. Competitions you could participate are:

  • National League
  • Regional club championships
  • Regional individual championships
  • National club championships
  • National individual championships
  • World Championship
  • Olympic Games
  • Juniores World Championship
  • Masters World Championship

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Here is Maxithlon Guide: How to Organize a Competition

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