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Evony is one of the hottest game nowadays. There are a lot of reviews and guides related to this game, and the number is still increasing. This is a review of Evony submitted by our reader Zorba. Thanks for his sharing.

Review of Evony

By Lord Zorba From Server 33

Evony is one of the most addicting and time consuming games I've had the pleasure of playing in a long time. Drawn in by the ads on every other web page I've surfed, I tried my hand and found myself pleasantly surprised.

You begin by setting basic information such as your Lord's name, first cities name, the four letters you want on your banner(keep it clean) and your starting state. Once that's been settled, you're ready to start building.

The building process is fairly simple with common sense leading the way in most cases. Cottages are needed for population, farms for food and barracks for soldiers. To keep people from getting overly frustrated, they've included "quests" which are quite useful for keeping you on track with proper building. This is where the first taste of realism is evident. You can build whatever you want so long as you've reached the technology level and have the required buildings to support it. It's not unheard of to have a wayward builder stuck with a city full of farms and no means to gather other resources.

If you follow the "quests" and continue to claim the rewards from completing them, you'll find yourself rewarded with most of what you put into the building process. As you get further into the game, you'll have to start building a stronger army and make no mistake, you will need an army.

Many new players come to this game and expect it to be a fire and forget building game where they're safe as long as they leave everyone else alone. This is not the case. People will "farm" your city to keep their army fed and growing. To counter this, you'll want to find a worthwhile alliance to assist you in times of need. Members of alliances can send resources to help you rebuild or even send their army to protect your city. Keep in mind, however, that their army will be eating your food.

Along with the features described above is a living and breathing economy. When you build your first marketplace on a newer server, you'll notice that the prices are very low and you'll wonder as I did how you would ever make money selling resources. Once the first major wars begin, that will change. Lumber, iron, stone and food will rise from .001 gold for a piece of lumber to 3 gold. This usually happens around the one or two month mark. At this point, most players are done building their cities and are focusing on building and maintaining very large armies.

For those that don't have the time or patience to wait out the building cycles or hunt for medals that are required for promotions, their is also an option to buy game cents. These game cents can be used to purchase production items, speed ups, medals or other beneficial niceties. It is not required to buy game cents, but I have heard that it does provide a leg up at times on the competition.

While the combat system is solid and easy enough to figure out, there are a few aspects that don't make a whole lot of sense. For instance, a strong army of pikemen should withstand a march of cavalry with far fewer losses than they do. This is not the case. Likewise, situations where your army should stop at max range and attack to save losses. This also does not happen. The combat AI doesn't take into consideration using the lowest denominator to succeed either. A city with Defensive 500 Trebuchets(1 time use), 500 Rolling Logs(1 time use), and 10,000 Archer Towers(good until destroyed) that is defending against a force that could easily be destroyed by the towers alone, will still fire the single use equipment as well. This makes it pointless to build anything but archer towers, but you'll find that it still happens.

In closing, I would give this game a very good rating and I have had an amazing time playing. You have the potential to grow yourself into a dominant force and own 10 cities spanning 16 states if you're willing to put in the time necessary to reach such goals.  Join the fun and live the adventure.

Lord Zorba
Server 33

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