WMD Tank Battle: Free Multiplayer Map Conquest Browser Game

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WMD Tank Battle

WMD Tank Battle is a multiplayer map conquest PBBG with silly 2d graphics based on AJAX and CSS sprites. Blow stuff up, build maps and eco, research technology, form alliances, and shoot missiles at other people on the world map.


400 billion years in the future, human civilization has reached new depths of stupidity. On bleak worlds dotted with tract housing and burger joints, radioactive hippies are ground into mush by horrific war machines, each more ridiculous than the last. The planetary rulers rain nuclear fire on the land in their unending quests for more money, more territory, and sillier titles, but only one can be the exalted Galactic Overlord . . .

How to play

Wmd Tank Battle Sectoer Map
Click here for full image

With simple words, the basic gameplay is: you control your tank runnig on the sector map, destroy enemy command posts with your AI armies. Your object is to take over all the sectors on the world map.

You could click any target to shoot. The results of your shot will appear in the message window in the top right corner. Change weapons by clicking on the weapon selector.

Once you blow up all command posts in a sector, everything else is also destroyed. You can then create your own command posts with the deploy menu - once at least one is built, you can deploy friendly computer controlled units with the "Deploy" menu under your Missile readout.

You can move into new sectors using the arrow buttons bordering the Main Console.

The World Map button on the bottom right brings up a map showing all the sectors on the planet, as well as enemy player locations and incoming ICBMS.

Wmd Tank Battle World Map
Click here for full imaga

Here is WMD Tank Battle Guide: New Player Guide

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