QuickHit Football : Play With the Best Football Minds in History!

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Quick Hit Football is a free online football game where you can challenge championship-winning coaches like Bill Cowher and Tom Landry to an online football game, matching wits with some of the best football minds in history. Nearly 100 of the all-time greatest pro football players will hit the gridiron in Quick Hit Football. Fans will have the chance to actually play with the Legends on their teams. At least two of these famous players will be drafted onto teams based on the fan's play style.


Coach Your Team To Victory:
A fully interactive and authentic football experience, Quick Hit Football allows you to set your rosters, choose the right plays, and guide your team to victory in real time. It’s full 11-on-11 football like you’re used to, but with exciting new twists.

Persistent Online Gaming:
Forget single-season glory or short-lived Franchise modes of the past. QHF lets you manage a team your way for as long as you like, training, trading and tuning your team into a well-oiled pigskin powerhouse on your schedule.

Full Online Community Support:
The gaming experience in Quick Hit Football will be anchored by a fully-featured news, networking, and social community site where sports gamers can get their fill on all the latest tips, trash talk and sports information.

Robust Team Management:
Exercise complete control over your roster, signing new players, pulling blockbuster trades for top-notch talent, and making use of QHF’s in-game currency system to develop your team with our unique player skills system.

Quick Start Approach:
Quick Hit’s intuitive, informative game play interface ensures your ability to hit the field and immediately compete, whether you’re a wide-eyed rookie or seasoned veteran.

Diverse Game Modes:
Choose between a wide variety of game play options, including exhibition matches, tournaments, leagues, sudden death showdowns, and more.

RPG-Style Upgrades:
Hire new coaches, expand your playbook, outfit your team with all the latest gear, and enhance your facilities with top of the line equipment to give your team that extra edge on game day.

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