Alteil Guide: Logress' New Player Guide

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Alteil is a story-driven online card dueling game. The nice images on the cards were designed by a team of Japanese fantasy artists, and the playing style is different from many other traditional card games.

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For all the card games, choosing a proper starter deck is always an important thing that may affect your game experience. And this is a newbie guide for those who is about to enter the wonderful card duel world Alteil. The author analyses the four starter decks and gives examples on how to use these decks. Check below:

Logress' New Player Guide

By Edgar Figaro on the official site

Being a newbie is tough. Let’s face it, no matter how good the starter decks are, if you don’t know where to begin it can get frustrating really fast. To make things as simple as possible, I’ve decided to create a basic turn by turn guide for the first few turns of each Starter Set, and some variants. Hopefully this will get you rolling and the momentum will turn you into a great Iczer. Note, these strategies do not involve messing with the current cards, or switching out your Soul Cards.

Falkow Starter


In the early game you’ll want to use Rapier Fencer of Regus as your main card, backed up by Song Sorceress to make up for his low AGI. The Fencer gives himself a big Attack bonus based on his AGI, so when Song Sorceress raises his AGI to 7, it’ll bring him to 70 AT and let you take out almost any other low to mid level unit in one shot. By continuously attacking first and putting down one of the enemy’s front row units, you don’t give the enemy time to attack, and also force him to waste SP reviving. In the mid game you’ll want to tank with Sea Hunter and take out specific enemy units with either Magic Scythe Soldier or Swallow Scout, and in the mid-late game you want to have Vordore out. You’ll make him go first with Sylph’s Open Skill, have him use his special ability to buff the rest of your crew. They’ll attack and overwhelm the enemy forces. Repeat this as many times as you can. Gowen units dish out a lot of damage and don’t have a lot of HP, so it’s almost always a good idea to bring out Sea Hunter first instead.

-Sample start-

First turn, set Haste Soldier in the front row, because reviving him won’t cost SP you’ll save SP for later.

Second turn, set Song Sorceress in the far back, so she can buff your Rapier Fencer later with Song of Magic.

Third turn, set Rapier Fencer of Regus in the front row.

-Alternative start-

Skip first turn, second turn set Sea Hunter.

Third Turn set Rapier Fencer.

Fourth Turn set Song Sorceress, or Sylph the Fencer if you need his offensive power immediately.

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