Farmersi Guide: Possible Strategies

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The game Farmersi is based in 19th century in the United States of America. From overpopulated Europe to America flows a wave of refugees who beyond the Ocean look for the opportunity of a better life, gaining fortune and happiness. You are one of them.

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This guide will tell you some probable strategies in Farmersi. It may be a good idea to choose one and follow it because that will help you to make your way to success shorter. But playing Farmersi without choosing an already existent strategy may also be very funny – in that case you could form your own strategy. That’s your choice:

Possible Strategies

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Playing Farmersi you'll quickly discover that different game strategies are possible. Each of them can lead to win although achieving success using particular strategy depends on market conditions which may change during the game.

Breeder: by concentrating on stock-raising it is possible to achieve significant production cost decrease. It results mainly from the fact that number of cowhands needed is equal to square root of cows number (in case of sheep it is even lower - square root divided by two). So if you have 25 cows you need 5 cowhands but if you increase your herd nine times the number of cowhands will rise only three times. In result the milk production cost is decreased three times.

Grain grower: concentrating on grain cultivation you can also achieve considerable advantages. Investments in course of agronomy, irrigation, plow or granary boost efficiency of cultivation and let you influence local grain market to a higher degree. You can arrange export of big quantities from time to time in order to save transport costs.

Balanced strategy: consists in cultivation and stock-raising at the same time. As advantages you can point out ability to adapt flexibly to volatile market conditions and to avoid risk connected with complete dependency on market of one particular good.

Trader-investor: strategy of a trader-investor consists in killing whole herd in the first turn and investing gained money in profitable equity (mill, bar, shop, hotel, saloon etc) as well as finding market trading opportunities i.e. buying grain on local market and selling on export or buying cows and processing them into meat straightaway. In towns where gunslingers are available player can enrich the strategy with arranging ambushes for opponents' export convoys, attacking their farms or hunting buffalos.



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