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In the browser game Damoria , you create your own world. Construct buildings, mine raw materials, send your army into battle. Build, settle, trade - and govern over your empire! Experience a medieval world in which you build up your own village and settle adjoining lands. This browser game will lure you into another world, one which you will not want to leave again.It is a mystical browser game scenario. A world in which everything happens in an orderly manner. Build your castle with all the trimmings: construction office, army training grounds and quarry.

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According to the Onrpg writer, Rick Charbs, Damoria is a " very casual game that is extremely convenient to play". But the combat and general gameplay are rather dull as you have to wait between resource gathering, money making, battling, etc. And "the interface and concept art is very inviting; however the game’s graphics are only mediocre, which is expected for a game solely played in your internet browser". Read the review below:

Damoria Review: Convenience At Its Best

By Rick Charbs (Jammart) @


Without that biased look on the game in mind, for a strategy browser based MMO, Damoria seems to have a lot to offer. It has a great community of a large variety of cultures, and many players to compete against. Those being pretty major positive aspects of the game, I also fished out a pretty negative one, being the dependence on real cash to get your army going. It is really complicated and difficult to start off your kingdom without gold, and the Damoria team kicks in with their offer of gold for real life cash to get your out of your goldless misery! It is understandable that they need revenue, although I think it could be done in a different way as to be plausible by everyone.

Damoria is a very casual game that is extremely convenient to play. All you have to do is open up your web browser, login, and you’re set to play. I can see it to be very enjoyable if you do enjoy playing strategy/tactical games, let alone MMOS, and don’t mind wandering elsewhere while your army builds and your resources grow. Happy gaming!

-Varied Community
-Unique units for a strategy game
-Very convenient to play

-Absence of sound
-Real cash for in-game gold renders gameplay almost effortless
-Complicated at first, there is a slight learning curve



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