1100AD Guide: Protecting Your Town

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1100 AD is a free massive online multiplayer medieval strategy game with nice graphics. As many of the strategy games, you are about to control your land, cause horror on enemies, feel yourself as a mighty king.

City Screen
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This is a guide of defending your city in 1100AD. Although it maybe not as great as the title "The best way to protect your town and become a master in game!" says, it can be still a good guide for the newbie to start. Check below:


By jackryder123 in the official forum

Hi everybody, i am Jackryder. I think i have experence in this game.
Now, let start, at your new town, you are unavible to protect after 7 day so in this time, your town must be upgrade to have power for the war after 7 day.

The First way :
Don't build anything except rescourse building like Sawmill, Iron Mine,... Every level you upgrade ( Iron, Wood, Coal, Lime, Stone to lvl 2,3,4,...) you should upgrade your warehouse too ( Storehouse 2,3,4,...) to gain rescourse as fast as possible. When everything at lvl 5, and now, let try to build and upgrade another building.


First, Upgrade your castle, upgrade if you need to build the barrack, stable, Workshop. Maybe you don't need to upgrade stable and workshop as soon but you must build the barrack and upgrade to lvl 9. Because troop in barrack is easy to train and you don't have to spend much rescourse to train soldier.
Train swordman, because it's really good to defensive, Train Man at arm because it's good in attack. After that, you are now in the basic attack and defence


- If you are needing people, you should build the well because it's help you raise 400 people
- Cart is the best if you want to rob the storehouse
- Troop like Pikeman, Man-at-arm or anything soldier unavible to ranger attack just good for attack some other town or attack enemy has been destroy the wall.
- More walls upgraded, more gates upgraded, more strength to defense.



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