Narudou: Naruto? Narudou!

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Narudou is a ninja themed casual PvP browser based game based on flash technology. Actually it's the South-Eastern Asia version launched by Gambunny based on the Chinese flash game Ren Dou Feng Yun 3, which is also the prototype of the Acclaim's new game Ninja Clan.

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Narudou set the context of the story at the primeval era. In the east there is a mysterious country, with large land and complex terrains, which is referred to be "Land of Issun". The most significant feature here is the people’s figure. Every people here have small bodies - only one inch high - and big heads, just like beans, this is why it is called "Land of Issun".

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Because people here are engaged in rigorous self-cultivation as the ninja, so they are called "Narudou". Although the figures are small, they are very vitality and strong. The Land of Issun is not only the home of Narudou, there are also monsters. This is a place that human lived with the monster. This wonderful country is divided into two big islands, namely the "Nekomata island" and the "Yagyo Island ". No matter which island, there are many Narudou by the establishment of tribal life, people live happily every day of practice bustling life!

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Game Modes

Safe the Princess
First team that succeed to rescues the princess will win. Remember to rescue the side with the flag that has the same color of your team.
Ghost Fighting
The system will select one player as a ghost from both team. The team that their ghost die or run away first will lose the battle.
Supreme Command
Suitable for high level player. All opponents must be defeated.
The team that kills the most opponents will win. Player who dies will be revived within a given time limit,
Last Man Standing
Regardless of team, defeat all other players to be the last one standing!

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Through leveling up, Narudou can learn lots of useful Ninjutsu for fighting. If your current job is compatible with the Ninjutsu,
you can equip them by setting the Ninjutsu in "Personal Editor". One Narudou can equip up to 6 Ninjutsu a time.

There are five series Ninjutsu in Narudou's world. They are:

Restore Series: Ninjutsu to restore your own strength or the whole team strength
Supportive Series: Ninjutsu to raise attack or defense
Attack Series: Harm the opponents directly. Including Lighting, Ice, Fire etc.
Special Series: Special Ninjutsu such as steal Ninjutsu and escape Ninjutsu.
Summon Series: Summon Kubis, Mouryo, Death God or Angel to help your fighting.

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The cast of the Ninjutsu will require the SP (Soul Point). When Narudou move, attack or be attacked, the soul point will gradually accumulated. When it reach to a certain number then Attack Ninjutsu or Soul series Ninjutsu can be use. There are 4 stage of soul limit.

Soul 1

Stage 1 : Attack Ninjutsu can be use

Soul 2
Stage 2 : You are able to hit up to 2 persons with an Attack Ninjutsu. The success hit rate also increase.

Soul 3
Stage 3 : You are able to hit up to 3 persons with an Attack Ninjutsu. Damn horrible !!

Max Soul
Stage 4 : You are able to hit up to 4 persons with an Attack Ninjutsu. Woola !!

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