Samurai & Ninja: Text-based Samurai MMORPG

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Samurai & Ninja

Samurai & Ninja is a text-based free massive multiplayer online game where you can play as a samurai, ninja or ronin in feudal japan. Start as an unknown ronin, train your skills; spread your name and improve your glory by dueling others, striving to be known to the Daimyo and Shogun. But before that, maybe you should have a bath in the town first.

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What can I do in Samurai & Ninja

In Samurai & Ninja, you can:

  • Duel with other players
  • Go on a journey and meet mythical creatures from Japanese folklore
  • Perform a mission to earn a favour of a daimyo (feudal lord)
  • Arrange you inventory
  • Take a bath every day an deat tasty food in the inn
  • And much more...

Samurai & Ninja Screenshots
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More imformation

Glory & Experience
Glory and experience are the goal of the game, the more the better. At the end the list of highest players will be created. Glory is obtained via dueling while experience is obtained via journeys and missions.

There are two alliances SAMURAI and NINJA. Once you join one you will become either samurai or ninja (ronin if no alliance).

Journeys & Missions
You spend energy each time you go on a journey or on a mission to get gold, items, daimyo favour, experience, etc. You could select a difficulty level (from 1 to 100). This will determine the strength of the opponents and the reward.

- Duel is a series of combat tests, each test Ranks you from -2 to +2.
- There are 5 tests: equipment, skill, attributes, experience and ashigari(warriors).
- If your total rank is higher than zero, you have won.
- The amount of glory depends on the opponent's glory (the more famous opponent, the more glory).

Samurai & Ninja Screenshots
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Players can create and join clans. There is no direct benefit for this.

Family Title
You get ancestor points for finishing rounds, the higher score you get at the end the more ancestor points you shall get. The ancestor points are displayed on your profile page, also you might get a family tilte (known family, renoved family, noble family) depending on your ancestors.

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