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Elements is a complete free new fantasy card game online. You control the creatures of different elements, design your winning deck, cast powerful spells, to duel the foe on the deck. It has smooth gameplay based on Flash technology and you can also have PvP in Elements. This is a collection of some helpful tips of Elements for those who wish to start their way in Elements' world.

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Advice from Players

From the elements.wikia.com

  • Don't play with the original deck. When you've just started the game, don't play with the original deck. Try to sell the cards that don't fit in with your deck, and buy cards that are according to the elements you want in your deck. For example, if your element is poison, sell cards that are non-poison and buy new poisons cards with the coins that you get from selling. (On the other hand, I regretted selling too many early cards: I needed to buy them back later after I found out they were actually useful ... especially Dragons, which are expensive.)

  • Reduce your deck size to 30 cards! By far the cheapest way to improve your deck is to take the less-effective junk out (costs you nothing!). By reducing your deck to 30, you increase the chances of drawing cards you want. Small decks are less vulnerable to randomness, and perform far more smoothly than a bloated many-colored deck.

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  • Don't sweat about 'choosing the wrong Mark.' Almost every color can field a simple (zero upgraded cards) mono-color deck that can crush Level 3. Most colors can field a simple deck that can take on the AI-top50s, once you learn how to exploit your opponent's foolish AI.

  • Your deck doesn't have to be complicated to win. Lots of pillars, enough dangerous creatures, and some decent defense/control is all you need. For example, the deck of "18 aether pillars, 6 phase dragons, 6 dimensional shields" gets a lot of flak as a mind-numbingly boring grind vs the AI.

  • Your electrum reward depends on your final health. If you win a match with a higher health, you get more coins as a reward. If you finish with only 1 health, you get only half the listed reward. If you finish with 100 HP (full health), you get the "Elemental Master bonus" -- twice the amount of electrum and twice the score improvement in rankings. So I started out with a life (green) deck, and since low levels are relatively easy to beat, I could beat them and heal all the damage they inflicted, and got masterys (winning the game with 100HP). However, mono-life deck is a bit outdated when it comes to higher levels/PVP, so keep that in mind.

  • Be willing to try something new. When you start out go through your deck and remove the cards you don't like. Single color decks are easier to play than multiple colors so start with that. As you win matches you will gain coins and even some new cards. Look at what you have, get different cards from the bazaar if you need, and put together your own favorite deck. Remember that you can play AI 1 and 2 whenever you want so test new decks on easier opponents to see how they draw. Move to AI 3 when you're comfortable and keep tweaking it until it's the next great deck that everyone wants to steal.

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