Xivio: 3D Virtual World and Social Network for Kids

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Xivio is a FREE 3D Virtual World and Social Network for kids. Create your own Avatar, chat, collect rare items, get an apartment, invite friends! All fun, safe, and FREE.

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3D Virtual World Chat

Xivio is really 3D! The developer behind Xivio brought us a true 3D program in Flash that everyone could play. They overcomed the problem that Flash didn't support 3D rendering and made a "Xivio 3D Engine". Smoother animations, unlimited movements and positions, cool effects that we could only do in 3D are made possible with the custom built rendering code.

Video/Audio Chat

Xivio Conferencing is totally FREE, and VERY easy to use. And at Xivio they care about your safety. The members can take control of their safety with a voting system.



Hompy stands for Home Page. It's your page on the net that gives you the power to publish any digital media, easily and in one place! Maybe you're bored and found a really funny video you just need to share with friends, or maybe you heard this song and it sounded like something you knew your friends would wanna hear. The Xivio Hompy lets you bring all sorts of media together in an easy to use page.

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Picture Uploads

Glamorous? You know you are. Show all of them and let them know it too. Or of course you could just show your friends, and NOT everyone else, with the help of Hompy security settings. This way you know there's not some like weird person staring at ur pics, because you're in control and only you pick who gets to view your pics.


Video Uploads

Share your movies with everyone, easily and with style. With Xivio Video you're in the directors seat. More than just video sharing, you have more control over who exactly can check out your masterpieces. Let the world see it, or just your really close Xivio buddies. Either way, you've got the power to fully express yourself with advanced tools made for everyone -- not just web-designers and programmers.

MP3 Sharing

Now it's easier than ever to share your musical taste with the world! Xivio let you upload your Music to the Xivio Media Player. You can also share your favorite music with the Public folder in your Media Player. Once there your song will be listed in your Hompy Music section. Now your friends can sample all of your musical taste.

Just imagine inviting your Xivio friends over to your virtual place for a party. Pop in your REAL MP3 music and have everyone hearing it along with you live. You're the DJ this time.

Xivio Screenshots

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