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Howrse is an online virtual horse breeding game: Some good surprises are waiting for you on the virtual horse breeding games from the official site. Virtual horse game to spend some quality relaxation time on on-line horse breeding games.

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: jana

Select the "Passes" tab, then choose "Your Code". 
Enter one of the following codes.

Code              Effect
NP58            - Nyx Pack
HOP99 or HI1HP  - Horn Of Plenty
HP33MB          - Medusa's Blood (Pegasus)
HORSEANDPONY1   - Philosophers Stone 
XXHORSEILLUST   - Aphroditie's Tears
HP22MB          - Medusas blood

Karma point:
When you start your game, you choose a sponsor. during the game, when that person
reaches their 8th riding level, you will be given 1 free karma point.

Free Nyx Pack:
Enter in the Passes tab where it says "Your Code": NP58
This gives you a free Nyx Pack.

If you want to make money easy do this (in order) with you horses everyday:

* 2 lessons
* Train as much as possible
* In the meadow till 20:00
* Feed
* Water
* Carrot
* Groom
* 2 Strokes
* Check to see that the energy is above 20% if not give a turnip at this time.

This technique gets you easy money cuz you keep your full paycheck and because
the horse is doing lessons and getting paid it pays for its food and then some! 



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