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Online Football Manager

Online Football Manager (OFM) is one of the most popular browser based football manager games.Unlike others, in OFM you are able to manage an actual team such as AC milan or Manchester United. Below is a beginners guide extracted from the official guide. It explains what to do after you have registered, which is the basis of any successful managing career.

Beginners Guide to OFM

From Official Site

    Starting the game

    • Select League:
      When you begin the game, the first thing you will have to do is choose the league you wish to participate in. You have several countries to choose from. Make your selection by clicking on a country flag, then selecting one of the current leagues in progress. Thousands of leagues are going on simultaneously. If you are looking for a specific league that your friends play in, there is a search option in the left sidebar you can make use of.

      Tip: Select a league which is still in the preparation phase of the season. This gives you the opportunity to customise your team and prepare your strategies before the matches begin.

      If you enter a protected league, you will not be able to join the league right away, you will have to wait until the moderator approves you first. You can apply to join as many leagues as you wish, you will automatically join the first one you are accepted into.

      If you are a premium ticket holder, you can also start a league of your own, by using the appropriate button in the left sidebar of the country selection screen.

    • Select Club: After you have chosen a league, you will receive two offers from clubs who are interested in your services. If you get no offers, you will need to select a different league. Select one of the offers, or if you do not like either one, you can try to get different offers by changing your preferred teams in your profile.

      When you accept an offer, you will become the manager of the chosen team immediately.

    Beginning your career as a manager

    After you have signed up with your team, you will arrive at your Control Centre. Here you can view information about the ranking of your team, the league you are playing in, your next opponent, your financial balance, and much more. As brand new manager, you should begin by addressing a few basic issues at the club, such as the following:

    • Check your team goal at the board: The first thing you should do when you are newly appointed to a club is to check what the board expects from you. You can do this by going to: Club -> The Board in the menu.

    OFM Screenshots 1 Board
    Click here for full image

    • View your squad: Your squad is the most important part of your team. You can view it under: Team -> Your Squad. You can also put players up for sale on the transferlist here, using the 'sell' option for the appropriate player. If this option reads 'for sale' instead, then that player has already been put up for sale on the transferlist.

    • Put unnecessary players up for sale: A good way to make some extra money is to put your unnecessary (worst) players up for sale. A squad of 20 players is usually adequate. If you have more players, it may be worthwhile to sell them, using the player's indicated value. For that amount, you will certainly succeed in selling them. Sell your players using the option under: Team -> Your Squad. You will then have to wait until another club in your league or one from a foreign league buys that player.

    • Set up your sponsors: Every football club needs sponsors to make extra money. You can set up yours under: Club -> Sponsors. You can designate a sponsor to each side of your stadium. Visit this page regularly, to check if the sponsor contracts need to be renewed. The better your performance, the more sponsors will be available and the more money they will be willing to offer in exchange for an advertisement in your stadium.

    • Hire staff: Aside from your players, you will need additional staff to make your successful, such as doctors, trainers, and others. To hire staff, go to Club -> Staff.

    OFM Screenshots 5 Staff
    Click here for full image

    • View your next opponent: In your Control Centre, you can easily see who your next opponent will be. Click on the name of the club to view their squad. You can also check Statistics -> League Table to view the ranking of your opponent.

    • Decide formation, line-up and tactics: You have to give your players instructions for the next match. You can do this in the Team menu. At Formation, you will select the formation in which your players will go onto the field, 4-4-2, 4-3-3 or perhaps 3-5-2. Next, in the Line-up screen, you will decide which players will be playing in which positions. In the Tactics screen, you will indicate how your team should play the game, for example using long balls or focusing on counterattacks.

    OFM Screenshots 6 Tactics
    Click here for full image

    • Buy players: Go to Players -> Players For Sale to view which of your players are for sale and which players have been put up for sale by other managers. Sometimes foreign players will appear here as well. You can buy a player by clicking "buy" in front of his name. If you have enough money available, he will be immediately added to your squad.

    Of course, there are a lot more possibilities in OFM, but the above steps are the basis for any successful managing career. When you have configured everything, you can wait until the next day for your results. The matches will be simulated during the night, unless the league is still in the preparation phase.

Read the original manual on the official site: Online Football Manager Guide

Or pay a visit to our Online Football Manager Feature for more information.

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