Dino RPG Guide: Getting Started:

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This guide is originally from Dino RPG WiKi. Through this guide, maybe you can learn more about Dino-RPG.

Dino-RPG Guide: Getting Started
From Dino-RPG WiKi

Getting your first Dinoz

When you first create your account you begin with 20,000 in-game gold. To be able to play you need at least one Dinoz. The cheapest Dinoz available costs 16,000 gold. For more information about how the Dinoz are different, see the Dinoz page. It is recommended you buy the cheapest Dinoz you can find as your very first Dinoz.

If this is the very first time you play the game you should spend all your gold coins right away to get familiar with the game, then go to your account settings and reset the account. Everything will be reset and you will start over with 20,000 gold again. When you feel ready to play the game for real, buy the cheapest Dinoz you can find, and save the rest of your gold until you can afford to buy another Dinoz.

The quickest way to make money in the game (unless you want to pay real currency) is to have many Dinoz, because with every step you take with every Dinoz you have you will earn a little gold. If you are ready to spend real currency on DinoRPG, it is a good idea to do so at the very beginning - get many Dinoz right away and then let your many Dinoz take care of the income from then on. That way you get the most value for your money.

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In your inventory you should have these items when you start:

  • 1 Angel Potion - You can use it to avoid XP loss if you die (try not to die though).
  • 4 Cloud Burger - Restores 10 HP each, you should use them only when your Dinoz are fully rested at 50%.
  • 10 Madam Irma's Potion - Gives you a new turn immediately.
  • 2 Meat Pie - Restore 30 HP each, should only be used on fully rested Dinoz.


To get your first quest (also called mission) you need to visit Grandpa Joe. He lives in the north east at the place called Grandpa Joe's Home. To get there from Dinotown (where you start) you take one step north to The University, and then a second step to Joe. If you need help with a quest, have a look at the Quest page.

Before you leave Dinotown you should talk to The Guide Michael. As you play the game he is a helpful resource telling you when to go where and other useful tidbits. Talking to Michael is also the only way to get to Dinoplaza.

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To reach level 2 you need 100 XP. For more information on how to get XP, see Experience Points.

When you level up, the game while give you a extra point in one of the Elements. The element is selected randomly from 20 options from your Dinoz's level up chart. One occurrence of an element on this chart means a 5% chance of getting this element when you level up, two occurrences means 10%, etc. Different Dinoz races have different level up charts, see Dinoz for more information.

For every 1 point in a new element, you do more damage and take less damage from it. You will also be asked to select a new skill every time you level up, and your options here depends on what element you just got. Most skills will need to be unlocked, see Skills for the full skill trees. To unlock new skills you will have to spend one level up on unlocking instead of getting a specific skill.

For more information about Dino-RPG, you can check our Dino-RPG Feature.

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