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This Review is reproduced from MMOHUB, which was written byNikki Lee. Through this review, maybe you can understand more about Chobots.

Chobots Review
By Nikki Lee

Chobots has all the charm, color and simplicity to make itself stand out from other cutesy, anime-adult MMORPGs. Kids ages 8-14 and their parents are its market, with its creators claiming that Chobots is educational and family-friendly. After browsing and exploring my Chobots world, however, all I learned was how to grow grass, feed a cow, move my mouse to avoid hitting objects, collect items on the screen, and waste a whole evening doing repetitive tasks.

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The music is nothing more than an elevator tune, or the annoying jingle we all hear while on hold with a customer service rep on the phone. Many items, pets, clothes and magic tricks seemed interesting and fun, but I always needed more "Bugs," the in-game currency, or I needed to pay real-world money to have access to the items. Limited to changing the color of my character, which looks like an asexual alien, I ended up being forced to walk around naked due to my lack of funds. Chobots teaches kids that you need to gain money in order to purchase something; however one could say that the idea that you gain currency from playing games and socializing is not exactly a real-world life lesson to be taught.

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Chobots seems to be riding on the "educational and family-friend" train to get people interested, but ultimately fails in following through with that promise. If parents want their kids to really learn something, maybe they should get them off the computer to read a book or do their homework.

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