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Exhibited is an online virtual pet game (or pet simulation, depending on how you look at it) where you can own, breed, raise, battle and train your own pack of raptor dinosaurs. It opened officially on October 24th 2008 and is managed, created, run and updated solely by the owner - alias Kitty - who is passionate about the game and keen to keep improving it.

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On Exhibited you are given your own virtual farm - and from here, you can start building enclosures and buy new raptor specimens from the in-game laboratory to populate them. These dinosaurs are almost always of the "raptor" group of dinosaurs - basically, the most intelligent, small and agile little hunters of the dinosaur world. With its own backstory explaining how dinosaurs came to be and why people in this virtual world are allowed to own them, Exhibited seeks to create a sense of realism in this nifty little fantasy place on the web.

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Each dinosaur has its own personality which helps place it in the packs formed in every enclosure. Every enclosure has a defined pack leader that leads the rest of the dinosaurs that live with it, and alongside the leader there are subordinates (the regular worker dinosaurs), omegas (the lowest rank), juniors (babies!) and seniors (the old age pensioners). These are not user determined but by the dinosaurs themselves - the strongest and most dominant dinosaur always ends up leading the rest of the pack. As well as having this pack structure, you can also check on the pack whenever you like to receive detailed reports of just what exactly your virtual dinosaurs are getting themselves up to during the day.

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Dinosaurs can be trained to enter special "trials" that draws on different statistics, depending on which trial the owner decides to choose. There are hunting trials that draw on a dinosaur's strength, racing trials that draw on the dinosaur's speed stat -- it is up to the owner of the dinosaur to decide which trial the dinosaur is best suited to. Of course this is completely optional as Exhibited prides itself on being a limitless game where you decide exactly how you play, but this is a way for you to earn "points" and special titles on your dinosaurs to increase their value if you so wish.

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Interested players can find more information about Exhibited here.

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