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Chobots is an entertaining virtual world, a family game aimed at creating an interesting, safe and learning environment for your kids. The game is similar to Club Penguin, with an emphasis on players becoming friends and communicating. Also like Club Penguin, Chobots has numerous minigames for both single-players and multiplayer teams to compete in.

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Unlike most virtual worlds, Chobots has a storyline with characters. As players play the game, help others, and acquire unique clothing and items, they'll become more famous in the community, and possibly become an Agent!


A free MMORPG that is made for kids, teaching life lessons and social skills instead of brutally murdering animals and fantasy characters. If you're a parent, this probably sounds too good to be true. But just like the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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Chobots has all the charm, color and simplicity to make itself stand out from other cutesy, anime-adult MMORPGs. Kids ages 8-14 and their parents are its market, with its creators claiming that Chobots is educational and family-friendly. After browsing and exploring my Chobots world, however, all I learned was how to grow grass, feed a cow, move my mouse to avoid hitting objects, collect items on the screen, and waste a whole evening doing repetitive tasks.

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Chobots seems to be riding on the "educational and family-friend" train to get people interested, but ultimately fails in following through with that promise. If parents want their kids to really learn something, maybe they should get them off the computer to read a book or do their homework.

Interested players can find more information about Chobots here.

A review here:Chobots Review

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