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PoxNora is a collectible, turn-based, tactical fantasy game in which players command armies of fantastic creatures, cast spells of devastating power, and summon artifacts of ancient renown in order to defeat their opponents. It's a complex game, and newbie may be lost.

Below is some advice packed up by the CSchwarz in the official forum. Newbie may go further after reading this.

Advice for those new to the game . . .

By CSchwarz @ Official Forum

RULE 0 Play the tutorial. If you do so it will teach you how to do several things that some new players have trouble figuring out such as how to deploy units and attack.

1: Go for the font closest to you as soon as possible. You could use the Nora, it allows you to field troops further out from your shrine, and you don't want your opponent taking it and summoning troops on your door step.

2: If you can contest a font that your opponent controls DO IT. It denies them an advantage and if you manage to take control of it yourself you get more Nora and a deployment zone closer to the enemy shrine.

Exception to rule 2 provided by ilves

Do not contest the enemy's font unless the champion you are doing it with is expendable, has a chance of outright winning it or escaping, or can hold the font long enough to get a lot of reinforcements there. Throwing away a champ for a one turn contestation is not worth the nora in most cases.

3: Kill missile units and healers/buffers first. If you can't kill a missile unit right away, engage it to limit its targets and mobility.

4: Large and slow units are difficult to field in time, but make excellent meat shields for your shrine. Most pack enough of a punch to kill weaker or damaged units in a few blows and deployed correctly can be difficult for your opponent to maneuver their troops around.

5: Don't bunch your troops. Area of effect attacks might wipe out your whole army. Bunching your troops can be even more tempting if you're playing SP, but remember they tend to have low HP so you have even more to loose if you bunch them.

6: Conversely, save your AOE's for when someone ignores tip number 5.

7: Save a little Nora each turn if you can. That big bruiser in your deck? He doesn't do much good if you can't afford to bring him out.

8: Be aware of what a spell does before casting it. Boil, for example, does no good on most maps. It requires troops to be in water to be effective. You don't know how many times I've seen someone try to boil my men on completely dry maps. They could have saved that Nora to summon a Ravager.

9: Also, be aware of immunities that your opponents troops have. I've seen people pour fire onto immune troops. Even more people have strengthened my Pincushion because they aren't aware that even NON-physical ranged attacks (such as fire or magic) have no effect on a Pincushion but to make it stronger.

10: Watch where you're clicking when you cast a spell or give one of your units a piece of equipment. I can't count the number of times I've seen someone use carnivorous vines on their own unit, or the times someone has given one of MY champs a choice bit of equipment. This is even more important when your opponent is using the same faction you are.

11: Three things most new players are not aware of which help a lot:

Press the "g" key to bring up the grid overlay for the map. This helps a lot counting squares for movement and spell presence. Pressing "g" a second time will bring up terrain features and any movement penalties associated with those features.

For people who find the grid distracting, you can press the "n" and terrain info will be displayed in the box where rune information normally is.

Selecting a unit and pressing "p" will show that unit's spell presence, allowing you to see how far you need to move to cast a spell that will hit what you want it to hit. (SLavode)

12: Overkill wastes valuable Nora and/or AP. If the enemy champ had five HP and you can hit him for either five damage or ten go for the five. The only exception is when you can catch MULTIPLE champs in your overkill attack. Also there is no point in using an attack that causes a special effect (such as poison or stun) on an enemy who is about to die.

(13-18 are from Valitiney, any tips that are unrelated to the starter decks are removed)

13: Watch your enemies/your champs conditions, if it has say 6-5 hp left and its poisoned, scoured etc don't waste ap on attacking it. let it die next turn.

14: make sure you notice units' immunities, weaknesses.

15: when playing Is and using a ranged unit always attack once to see if that unit has RD on it.

16: Usually try to focus your attacks on 1 unit, don't spread out your attacks.

18: Always try to save Ap.

19: Equipment is for champions that will live long enough to use it. Very rarely is it a good idea to give a piece of equipment to a unit that will be dead in a turn or two.

Example of a good time to give a near dead unit a piece of equipment: If I give it an ice shard it will kill off the enemy champion this turn.

Example of a bad time to give a near dead unit equipment: My Champ is down to four hit points, he has one hand to hand unit attacking him and two ranged units within shooting distance. I'll give him a shield that only does damage to hand to hand units attacking him.

(20 and 21 are from RSnow)

20. Given the choice between doing damage to everything, or killing one thing, always kill that one thing. Dead units don't hit back. Wounded ones do.

21. The converse to #20. Runes by themselves are weaker than runes with support. Don't clump together, but don't send out one unit completely alone either.

A Few Words About Defense:

I don't care how many units you have massed at your enemies shrine or how dead you think he is, DO NOT abandon the defense of your shrine. Especially if there are still troops advancing on yours, no matter how few there are or how weak they look. Earlier today I was nearly beaten by a UD player, he lost because he didn't follow this rule. I was advancing on his shrine with a pair of Moga Slingers and an Overlord and he was massing most of the units in UD's sample deck at my shrine. He COULD have killed off my Overlord and crippled the Slingers with the Bock Guardian he had in the area but he instead chose to send the Guardian towards my shrine with the rest of his troops. Most of my other troops were just coming off cool down and I was barely able to hold off his units long enough to plink away at his shrine with those three units, without the Overlord my Slingers would have had to walk all the way up to the shrine to do even minimal damage and his massed troops would have broken through my defenses and killed my shrine off before I finished him.

Conversely, if you play PURELY defense (as I've seen some here do, to the extent of always fleeing battle - even with hand to hand units) eventually you will be overwhelmed and destroyed. It's all about a good balance between offense and defense, going overboard on either gets you killed.

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Read the original full post in the official forum: Advice for those new to the game . . .

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