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This is a so excellent guide! It is reproduced from Delta Draco Official Site. Through this guide, maybe you can learn more about Delta Draco.

Tips to begginers
From Official Site

The first think you have to do in the game is to start building Surface collectors – they produce metal and mineral. Production is calculated as the maximum productivity of the building is multiplied by the percent production of the planet. At the same time you must start research the first sciences which do not require scientists.

Into the game there are few types of resources and their balance is very important for your development. Five of the resources are accumulating - metal, mineral, radioctives, goods and luxors.

The other two resources can’t be accumulated - food and energy. Food determines how much population the planet has. Population increases with the production of food. Energy os used by all the buildings. Energy always must be at plus, because, if it is not, buildings begin to turn off automatically to balance the insufficiency.

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Some buildings pollution which decreasesthe production of food and energy. At the beginning of the game it is the inevitable evil of the civilization and the only thing you can do is to build more buildings that product food and energy to balance the insufficiency. With the development of the sciences begin to appear buildings that clean the pollution and buildings whose production is independent by the percent production of the planet.

The other four resources are function by the population and the game of the player - workers, engineers, scientists and astronauts. Only workers are direct function of the population (75% of population are workers). The other are trained with the workers as a resource – to create specialists you need workers and goods; to create scientists – workers, specialists, goods and luxors; to create astronauts – specialists, scientists, goods and luxors.

To reach the stage with training of specialists you must build the first unique building. Unique buildings are those that could be built only once on the planet and couldn’t be turned off. Here I’ll write this one that I think for obligatory:

* Planetary University – allows two schools – for specialist and for scientists

* Engineer’s school – allows training of specialists

* Researcher’s school – allows training of scientists and unlocks Astronaut’s school

* Space Dock – allows Spaceship’s Factory and Weapon’s Factory

* Shipyard – this is the Spaceship’s Factory and with it you can start build Colonial spaceships

* Satellite’s Factory – allows building into the orbit around planet

* Astronaut’s school – you can wait a little with it – the firs two types of spaceships travel without crew

* RNA Education Centre – accelerate training of all types of specialists

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At the beginning of the game you must pay attention mainly on the food and energy production. If you notice that the building you want to start building will take too much energy, you start to build a new energy source too. You have to build food buildings to increase the population, that means to increase the number of free workers. The latter is obligatory for the level up of the main building.

At the moment you start training specialist and scientists you must pay attention on the other two resources – goods and luxors. For its primary production is responsible the main building of the planet – Colonial Hold, but the basic production is made by factories. These are goods with double appliance – they are used for training specialists and they are also used by the specialists and scientists in their work.

The first building are made only by workers, but with the increasing of the efficiency buildings begin to require specialists and scientists. Orbital buildings and spaceships are built only by specialists and scientists. Also each building requires support engineers – administration is the second inevitable evil of the civilization. The limit of the number of support engineers for the planet depends by the base building. You can increase the limit by:

* level up the base building – form Colonial Hold to Planet Capital

* buildings which increase the support limit – from Ground Complex: Support

There are a limit of the number of scientists as well. That’s because they work in universities and laboratories. Scientist’s limit increases by building ground and orbital labs, researcher’s centers and by level up of the base. First you can study only one science.

If you need, you can turn off buildings temporary. In this way you will free the resources which they consume – energy, materials and support engineers.

Medical centers increase the percentage of the working population. They influence natality and the percentage of the workers from all the population. This may help you when you have many buildings decreasing growth of the population – mainly buildings using radioactives to work.

For more information about Delta Draco, you can check our Delta Draco Feature.

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