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This guide is originally from Battlefield Heroes Official Site, which was posted by U-238. Through this guide, maybe you can learn more about Battlefield Heroes. Both Newcomers and Veterans alike are welcome to brush up on their Battlefield basics. This guide is sure to help you on your way to becoming a true Battlefield Hero.

The Newcomer Guide
By U-238

Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes or, as many like to call it ‘Heroes’ or 'BFH' is a new step in the Battlefield franchise, it is mostly aimed at casual gamers or gamers who like funny, cartoony and not too serious game play. It is not made to replace previous Battlefield titles, like Battlefield 2. In Heroes we have two factions fighting on the virtual battlefield against each other: The ‘National Army’ and the ‘Royal Army’.

How to start playing?

Follow these easy steps to Register an account and start playing!

You can create up to four Heroes and it is currently NOT possible to delete them.
However, you can buy more slots so you can create more, new Heroes. Simply click on the "Get more Hero slots" button on your profile page.


Both Factions are equal when it comes to balance. They might use different weapons, but these weapons match each other in strength, ammo, speed, etc.
So, for example: the heavy machine gun of the National Army does the same damage as the heavy machine gun of the Royal Army.
The only way the factions differ, is in the way they look, so you will recognize them by their apparel, the way they walk and so on.
Just remember that if it has a red name above it, SHOOT IT!
You can easily recognize your friends by their names written in blue above their heads and the big blue cross when you aim at them.

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The Classes

There are three different classes in Heroes. We have the Gunner, the Soldier and the Commando.
Every class has its special features, but they all have some things in common.
They can all carry two weapons, and one explosive to use against vehicles or careless infantry.
They all are able to use every single vehicle type and they all have special Abilities, but the Abilities are different for each class.

The level cap (highest level you can reach) at the moment is level 30.
On the way up, you will earn Hero Points (see Hero Points section in this guide) and unlock new clothing for Valor Points and Battlefunds.
Currently you do not unlock new weapons.

The Gunner

The Gunner is the heavy weapon guy, he has more health than the other classes and carries the BIG guns, like the anti-tank rockets and machine guns. Machine guns are most effective in close-range fights.
He might be the slowest of the different Heroes, but he has the most health, a ranged anti-tank weapon and generally packs a HUGE punch.

Their Abilities are:

Frenzy Fire – Your machine gun becomes more accurate over longer distance, so you become more efficient in medium or long range combat for a short time.

Hero Shield - You can shield yourself up and absorb extra damage and allow you to grind away at your enemies.

Explosive Keg – With Explosive Keg you can throw an exploding barrel at the enemy to blow them away and set them on fire on the last ability level.

Leg It – You and your mates around you will run faster for a short period of time. Great for closing the gap between you and your enemy.

I Eats Grenades – You will eat every explosive thrown at you by the enemy and heal yourself up with every eaten one, for a period of time.

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