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This Review is reproduced from Battlefield Heroes Official Site, which was written by TxHxExJxOxKxExR. Through this review, maybe you can understand more about Battlefield Heroes.

Battlefield Heroes Review
By TxHxExJxOxKxExR

Battlefield Heroes is an awesome game to play and is free of charge. The game is very entertaining to play for the first couple days/weeks but after awhile the gameplay can get pretty dull.

First impression

When I first Heard of the game I checked out the website and it was in its early beta stages. I thought the game was going to be similar to battlefield 2 or other battlefield titles but in a cartoon-ish setting. However the game is very different from the first battlefields and thats both a plus and negative.

Its a plus because for those who grew tired of the old battlefield games, have something new to try and you can build a hero upwards. What I mean is you can progress an avatar so you can get new things from the result of getting kills. It gives players something to look forward to.

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However because the game is somewhat different from the other battlefield titles, some players may join the game and be disappointed by a missing feature that they liked from previous titles. When I first joined the game I thought there would be bigger battles (32+ players), navel vehicles/warfare, bomber airplanes, and bigger more detailed landscape. (every map is a green forest land/mountain area, I would like to see desert, snow, night, and urban maps.)


The heroes idea works great for this game. I also like the idea that bigger stronger weapons can't be bought by battle funds because then the game would greatly be unbalanced and a lot of players would stop playing. I do not see anything wrong with the heroes portion of the game, and i believe it is good as it is.


I like the graphics a lot because you do not need a powerful machine to run the game smoothly. I run the game on a system that doesn't even really have a graphics card.
The graphics also give the game the different look from other games.

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The gameplay is pretty fun once you get used to it. When i first started playing I didn't like how you would have to shoot an enemy with a shotgun at like 3 feet distance about 8 or 9 times to kill him, although I've gotten used to it and I wasn't sure if that was a planned strategy due to some weapons doing more damage at close range and some at long range. The airplanes could use a bit of work also. Theres nothing wrong with the fighter planes but I would definately would like to see some bomber planes. A battlefield game without bomber planes feels extremely awkward. I also EXTREMELY HATE how a commando can shoot down a airplane with his gun in about 4 shots in about 2 seconds. It makes the planes worthless if a sniper is always watching the sky. The damage of the commando's sniper rifles needs to be fixed when it hits planes, each shot takes like 20% of its health. I also would like to see better tank battles. When there is a tank fight, its usually the tank who shot first that always wins. I would suggest having weak spots on tanks like how the back of a tank is the weakest spot.


The controls in the game work well. I would like to see an in game option menu though because when you're tweeking with the sensitivity of your mouse or want to change controls you have to exit the game and do it at the character screen.

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Everything in the sound and music section seems fine.


The game is a blast and it cost users nothing which is a major plus being a battlefield game. However after awhile players may get bored and stop playing. The planes need work, and the game lacks new content, or at least a variety in gameplay. Diverse maps and content updates would help. Other than the above stated, the game is great. I give it a 8/10

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