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Tagoria is a free browser-based fantasy roleplaying game. Enter the world of fearless warriors! Face dangerous monsters and claim their treasures as your own! Take part in epic battles, fought in honor of the gods! Show the world that the valiant heart of a warrior beats in your chest!

This is a guide for the newbies of the first days in Tagoria, which is posted by Gnewb in the official forum.

Gnewb's Guide for Newbies

By Gnewb @ official forum

Now, here is my advice for the first couple of levels.

1) Go to CHARACTER and check your INVENTORY. You will see a bone weapon. Click on it and equip it in your main hand. Now click on CHARACTER and add you starting training points to your different characteristics by clicking on the TRAIN button (I suggest you divide between STR, DEX and AGIL at first). You are already more deadly than half of the new players.

2) Go to VILLAGE and go to the DRUID. Click on QUEST and accept his quest. Note the location of the quest. If your quest is located in river or valley great. If it is anywhere else ignore the quest. *****However, once you get a bit of cash you can consider abandoning 'difficult' quests to get new ones. (Thanks to Falcotron )

3) Your focus in the early levels is to get money (Amber Stones) to get yourself your basic equipment and to improve your stats. Really, everything you do in the game is to get money which helps you get equipment which helps you get experience which helps you get more money and so on.

Therefore, your first action is to get enough money to buy your first set of trianing points and your second weapon.

Go to mountains (where the monsters live) and click on river or valley (where the weaker monsters live). If your quest is in river or valley pick the place where your quest is.

DO NOT pick an other region. The monsters there are too difficult and unless you can guarantee a win you are wasting money.

After you kill your first monster you should get somewhere between 100-200 Amber.

4) Spend this money on buying training points. Go to CHARACTER and at the bottom of the screen you will see the BUY button. BUY up to 5 training points and then use the points. Divide between STR, DEX and AGIL.

5) Repeat Step 3 now until you have 200 Amber. Now you will buy your second weapon (another bone). Go to the Auction House (click VILLAGE, click AUCTION HOUSE) first and see if anyone is selling a bone cheaply (190 Amber or less). In general, whenever you want to buy something, check the Auction House first because you can often but the item for 10% or more cheaper.

Once you have bought your bone weapon, go to your Inventory and Equip it in your off hand.

6) If you still have 20 or 40 amber left go to the DRUID. Click on ENCHANTMENTS. Get him to enchant one or both of your bone weapons for 1 extra attack point.

If you don't have the money now make sure you do this next time you have the money.

7) You are now ready to ATTACK other Level 1 players. ATTACKing other players has several benefits. You get experience if you attack a player of your level or above, you can get amber (quite a bit if your target is careless) and (very important) it means you are safe from other people attacking you for 1 hour.

As a side note, be very careful about using the ShoutBox. Once your name appears there don't be surprised if someone immediately attacks you looking for some easy money. Only use Shout Box if you have recently attacked someone and are safe from being attacked.

In this case, you are mainly interested in getting experience. If you are still Level 1, attack Level 1 players until you reach Level 2. If you are Level 2, you can attack Level 2 players. In both cases follow these steps.

Go to the ATTACK menu. Search for people that are your level. Make sure that the number in the box is your level and that you pick EXACT from the drop down menu. A potential target will be shown to you. Look at how the person is equipped. At Levels 1 and 2 you can still find plenty of people that only have 1 weapon equipped (or none). Also look at their stats. If they only have 1 weapon and stats lower than yours feel free to attack.

Do this until you are level 3 (40 experience points I believe to get to Level 3).

Remember to go back to your CHARACTER screen once in a while and check if you have any training points. You get new points every time to reach a quarter level point (quite quickly the first few levels). Starting now you may want to divide your training points between all your statistics.

8 ) When you reach Level 3 (or earlier if you are getting bored of attacking people) go back to plundering (go to MOUNTAINS, select RIVER or VALLY). After every fight, spend all your Amber on buying training points (or healing herbs at the ALCHEMIST if necessary but remember to check the AUCTION HOUSE for items on sale).

You may also want to upgrade your weapons to the stone knife or even wooden club (can buy items above your level at the Auction House). If you do upgrade your weapons (and you should by Level 3) remember to also get the Druid to enchant them. Also remember to put your old weapons for sale at the Auction House. If you sell them for 10% off they are usually sold quickly. ******Avoid putting Auctions on while you are away from the keyboard as this is another way people can target you for attacks. (Thanks to falcotron )

9) When you have used all your Action Points (total of 12 each day at first) or anytime you are ready to stop playing for the day make sure you spend all your money on either training points or healing items. People will/might attack you and if you don't have any money they are unlikely to come back. In other words, if people get lots of money attacking you, you can bet they will return to attack you often.

10) Once you have spent all your money, and are ready to quit for the day, click VILLAGE and select FARM. Work for the farmer for 12 hours (or however long you will be gone) and you'll make a little bit of money for when you next log on.

Happy plundering.

Read the original full guide on the official forum: Gnewb's Guide for Noobs

Or pay a visit to our Tagoria Feature for more information.

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