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This guide is originally from A Virtual Horse Official Site. Through this guide, maybe you can understand more about A Virtual Horse.

Hints Collection
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Buying Tack, Materials and Tools

You can buy them in the market. Use the scales icon to get to the market and then choose the different sections of the market.

If you are looking for items such as Leather, Iron, or Thread, you can find them in the Buy Area of the Market. Click Tack & Materials. There you will be able to find what you need.

If you are looking for items such as a Sewing Needle, Stitching Awl, or a Hammer, you can find them in the Tools part of the market.

If you are looking for feed or treats, they can be found in the Feed and Treats section of the market.

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How to buy horses

You can buy horses from:

1. Market
2. Other players
3. Auction

To buy a store horse from the market, click on the Market link(scales icon). Once you get to the market, click on the Store Horses link. Change the horse's name (if you want), choose a breed, the trait, skill and the gender and click on the Buy this horse button.

To buy a rescued horse from the market, click on the Market link (scales icon). Once you get to the market, click on the rescue horses link. To search for a specific breed, gender, or trait, click on the find button at the bottom of the box and fill in your information. You will get a list of horses from which to choose. To see the details of the horse, click on it's name. To buy a horse, check the box next to the one you want, and click buy horses.

To buy a horse from other players, click on Find Shops icon under the magnifier, type the name of the shop, and you will see the list of horses that the player has. Check the horse you want to buy, and click on the Buy horse button.

Or you can click on Find Horses using the horses icon and choose a particular breed or gender. A list of horses will come up. If you click on the horse's name, it will bring up the horse's page and show you the owner's number. You then click on the owner's number and it will bring up the owner's page and show you the name of their shop. Click on the shop name to show the horses for sale in that shop. Then check the horse you want to buy, and click on the Buy horse button.

To buy horses in an auction you first go to the market. Look to the far right menu and click either Buy or Sell under the auction option. Here you can read all the rules so your not confused on how an auction works. Then continue on by looking through promising prospects and bidding on the ones you like. Perhaps you'll even be the highest bidder and win the horse!

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How to make coins

1. Enter your horses in shows and earn coins when the shows run (if your horse places in top 20)
2. Create shows, and earn coins from the fee other players pay to enter your show. (Do not set high prizes, it might be a waste of coins)
3. Register your email and open an account at the Goldsmith. The Goldsmith will add to your account some coins (3000 coins + your level multiplied by 200) every day. (If you have two or three players, and they have each opened an account, all of them receive coins)
4. If you need coins badly, you can go to the Town Hall, and withdraw coins from the Chest (don't forget to donate back, once you have more than you need)
5. You can also play games. Just click on the Tic Tac Toe icon.
Memory Game, Word Search or Hangman will pay you an amount of coins at the end of the game (if you win)
6.If you are an Equilibrium or manufacturer you can create and sell tack. If you work hard at it this can be the most successful money making skill.

How to enter shows/train horses

1. Go to your stable and click on a horse name. To go to your stable click on the stable icon at the top your page

2. Click the magnifier and then the find shows icon (trophy)
You can also click the "Enter horse in shows" link on the horses page.

3. Select the shows you like to find and click on the find button.
(on the Level type 2. This will find only the shows of level 1)

4. In the list of shows, you will see the Enter Show button. Click on it for every show you see.

To see your horse's results, go to the Stable and click on your horse. At the bottom of the page will be the option "View results".

For more information about A Virtual Horse, you can check our A Virtual Horse Feature.

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