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This Review is reproduced from, which was written by Caley Roark. Through this review, maybe you can understand more about Baseball Boss.

Baseball Boss: What Is It?
By Brendon Lindsey

Once registered, Baseball Boss invites you to select a "starter pack" of cards. You can choose from historical players, modern players, a mix or a pack heavy on players from your favorite team. One neat aspect is that you can actually reveal the cards one at a time, preserving the fun of ripping open a physical pack of cards.

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For this article, I decided to choose the "mixed" deck. I was a little disappointed to find that my mix was actually only from three years: 1907, 1957 and 2007. My talent ranged from the venerable Pee Wee Reese and Roy Oswalt to an assortment of modern "scrubs" whom I have never heard of.

From there, I was led to the "create-a-team" page. For an online game, there are actually a fair number of logo options available, complete with the ability to change their colors. Also included, and reflecting the "officialness" of this game, are all the current MLB logos.

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I took Reese and company and created the Roarkville Raiders; the team logo ended up resembling Mr. Met in a pirate outfit. I tweaked the colors a bit and jumped into my inaugural season.

Immediately, I was challenged by a computer-controlled "practice team." Another unique aspect of Baseball Boss is that most challenges consist of a five-games series, making depth a crucial element of managing a team.

After accepting the challenge, all five games were simulated at once. However, in an effort to keep up the suspense, you view the results one game at a time. Additionally, there are some random stat changes that occur before the series. The stat changes are apparently meant to simulate streaks, practice and nagging injuries. These can be viewed on the "pregame" tab (more on this later).

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Like other online-only games, the simulation options are limited. You can set the lineup and rotation before the game, but you do not manually control the substitutions. Also, left/right matchups are not factored in. Additionally, depending on the scenario, you may have a salary cap to deal with.

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