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Goal Line Blitz Review
By Brendon Lindsey

I’ve been a fan of “Goal Line Blitz” (“GLB”) since it first entered testing. The game truly is the first of its kind on the market, offering widescale virtual football with real people all over the world.

While you can’t actually control your players like in some 3D client-based sports MMOs, “Goal Line Blitz” is the deepest sports MMO available in terms of detail and statistics. Are you a fan of fantasy football? Do you love reading line after line of box score stats to see how your team did each Sunday? Does the idea of watching an entire football game played out by tiny circle icons representing each position sound entertaining? If so, then “GLB” is the game for you.

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Unlike many sports MMOs, “GLB” is a very team-centered game; just like the real thing. There are no real worthwhile individual rewards (other than seeing numbers each game). The true test is which team will win each league every season. Of course, a large majority of players are built with a “Me first!” attitude. The result is a disproportionate amount of players pumping skills such as speed to see bigger, more entertaining replays, while a smaller amount puts the team first.

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If you’re a fan of American football looking for a fix outside of the regular season and its Fantasy opportunities, though, a few bucks every month is a very worthwhile purchase to keep the football season alive and kicking inside of your browser.

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