Medieval Life: Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Orcs:

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Medieval Life is an online game based on the middle age. You can choose between three different races to make your kingdom, build your country, trade your resources with other empires, attack or spy them, train your hero and gain experience. It's completely browser based and requires nothing to download.

Some numbers:
  • 4 different races [humans, elves, dwarves and orcs]
  • 3 resources [food, gold and gems]
  • 5 buildings [farms, houses, mines, warehouses and towers]
  • 5 magic spells [drough, black plague, flood...]
  • 21 military units [knights, mages, spies...]

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In the build and train menus you can use your resources to build things or train soldiers and spies, and also to explore lands. Don't worry if you go out of resources, your farms will provide you food, your mines gems and gold and your houses will make your population grow (but you will need some food to feed your citizens). In the building process and training process menus you can see all what you are building/training and cancel them if you want.


You can also send an attack to another player. You can do it typing his name to the attack menu or using the map. You can cancel your attacks.

The map

The map is an easy way to attack, trade and message other players by clicking over them and selecting the wanted option. You can see enemy attacks that are near to come (red flag) and your attacks to other players too (blue flags).

Medieval Life Screenshot
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Karma is the way to see if someone is good or evil. Your karma goes down when you attack someone with less lands than you, and increases when you attack someone who has negative karma. When someone has very very very low karma, his [prices] will be increased until he recovers some karma.


Each player can have one hero, that can gain experience by attacking other players or by performing missions . It has life too, that it's lost on missions or on attacks. When performing a mission, the user has to click the action button often (there is a maximum times) in order to lose the minimum life. The experience gained it's different on every hero level, and joining a mission that it's not for your recommended level can kill your hero! The hero cannot be resurrected. When a hero gain experience, the user can select what attributes (attack/defence) wants to improve.

Medieval Life Screenshot
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Interested players can find more information about Medieval Life here.

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