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This beginners guide is reproduced from the original one posted on the official forum, which was written by Concord Quokkas.

Beginners Guide

By Concord Quokkas @ Official Forum

Before All Begins

TM is a wonderfully rewarding game that draws you into the long term strategic planning of a football manager. You will develop strange attachments to players that don’t really exist, yet will provide with some wonderful sporting moments.

The flip side is it is quite complex and daunting for the beginner and it can feel like being trapped in a spreadsheet to begin with. This guide is designed to guide you through the first few weeks and hopefully keep you going until you work out what you are doing.

The first thing to do is complete the FITA licence course. This will teach you a few aspects of the game as well as providing you with a cash injection (the amount depends on which country you are in)

Read the user guide and look for the '?' symbol on the various pop up boxes in the game. They will provide you with essential information.

Don't be afraid to use the forums. It is a really good community and someone will answer your question if you can't find the answer yourself.

So, what do you do with your new club? There are various different strategies to use and the ones listed below are just a few you could try. No doubt other managers will have their own ideas about the best way to start.

Step 1: Sort out your team

The first thing to do is sort out your team. You actually start with a few decent players and a fair bit of deadwood. The transfer market is a tricky one in TM and it takes a little while to get the hang of it. It is tempting to rush out and buy lots of new players. Don't. Good players go for vast sums of money, much more than you can really afford at this stage. If you manage your team well in the lowest divisions you should not need to buy any players until you get promoted and are a bit more cashed up. (I can hear people disagreeing with me already)

It will take a bit of experimenting with your team to work out which formation will work well for you. The adage that you should pick the formation to suit your team rather than the other way around is very true. Look at what positions your players prefer to play in and try to play them there. If you have a couple of good OMC's and a DMC use a formation that utilises them. IF you have a really good DL and DR use a formation that uses them. It will take a few games to work out the best formation that gets all your best players in their best positions. Also look at the player stats and see if they match the position they play. For example, you don't want a winger with a crossing skill of 3/20.

Try and arrange friendlies with other clubs to try out different tactics and positions. Friendlies don't generate any income or routine but they don't cost you any injuries or cards either. They are just a testing ground really. Use them.

Once you have your team sorted out you will probably realise you have a few players left over that you will be unlikely to use. Some of these players may have a high ASI. This figure can be misleading as some players with a high ASI can be pretty useless (for example a defender with great attacking numbers or a striker with low attacking but high marking and tackling). Sell these players. You will be surprised by how much you can get for them. Try and list them on Tuesday so that the deadline is on the weekend when most people are online (I am not 100% about this theory – anyone want to vouch for it?)

If you are a bit unlucky you may have one glaring weak spot in your team. This might be the time to try and buy a good player to fill it. Probably go for one slightly older, maybe 30-31 so you can get him cheap but still get a few good seasons out of him. Use your shortlist and watch for a while what good players go for. It might take a while but it is better then just rushing off and blowing a huge wad of money that you might regret later.

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