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This Tip is originally from Empire Craft Official Site. Through this tip, maybe you can understand more about Empire Craft.

60-Seconds Newbie's Tutorial
From Official Site

※  The construction style of different races is different. The following pictures are taking examples of cities of humans.

①  The Beginning of Entering into Empire

              Our Original City                                                             Vigorous Developing City

There are only four resources fields (Including farm, sawmill, quarry, and iron mine) and some open spaces in the original city.

You'll start from here and fight for the Empire!  

"Newbie's Quest" can help you get familiar with the game quickly and help you gain abundant prize.

②  Resources Production

           Resources Fields in The City                                  Unexplored Resources , Crystal Mine
Except for the four resources, there is another special resource - Magic Crystal.

You have to upgrade your resources fields and occupy wild mine to get more resources.

Sufficient resources make sure the smooth going of your construction and conscription,

providing a strong base for building sub-cities and expanding your territory.

③  City Construction

               Vacancy in The City                                                        Construction List
Click the vacant field, you'll see the construction list and the button [Construct].

Upgrading constructions and resources fields is quite the same. First click [Construction], and then click [Upgrade].

It is very important to accumulate resources and construct cities at the beginning.

It is impossible to build up Rome in a day, so come on!

④  To Raise an Army
               Recruit Heroes                                                             Allot Soldiers

You can recruit heroes by building up tavern and obtain more soldiers by building up Infantry Barrack and Cavalry Barrack.

Click [Army] and allot soldiers to heroes, then you can start your adventure!

⑤  Go Out for a Battle

                Attack Castlevania                                                 Go Out for a Battle and Report of The Battle Field

You can attack the Castlevania, as well as invade and rob cities belong to other game players.

You will gain upgrading and governing experience in the battle, and maybe received Treasure Chests!
wild mine, rob and hero training are the three vital tasks in the prophase of your game.

⑥  We are Not Fighting Alone!

                Players Nearby                                                           Join an Union
In the journey of expanding your territory, you are not fighting alone.

There are lots of cities belonged to other game players around yours.

You can add some friends and fight with them shoulder by shoulder in the times of chaos.

Besides, you can join a union and make some friends in the same camp.

You'll experience more fun of playing games by working together with your allies.

For more information about Empire Craft, you can check our Empire Craft Feature.

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