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Do you want to be famous, win talent competitions and become a superstar? Celebrate parties, get to know a lot of new friends and buy cool cloth on your way up!

Fame4u is about becoming a real superstar but before being the most famous person in your city its a long and rocky way: Get the coolest clothes, celebrate the most legendary parties but dont forget to earn enough money to bankroll your ascension!

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Fame means "glory" and is a sign for how famous your character is in the game world.

On the one hand you can raise your Fame with parties (by visiting and also by hosting them) or in the VIP-Club and on the other hand by participating in competitions and duels.

A high Fame value is very important to come off well in the regular competitions!

As from Level 10 you will daily loose a little bit of Fame again so you should consistently cater for not been forgotten.

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Fame4u Screenshot
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Small hint: You should celebrate with your friends that are almost as famous as you are. If you are guest at a party where the hosts level is so much different from yours you will not get much fame. But if you celebrate as a star with a lot of unknown people that doesn't influence your Fame.

Interested players can find more information about Fame4u here.

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