FusionFall Tip: Simple Tips to Make the Most of Your Game:

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Simple Tips to Make the Most of Your Game
From Official Site

Autorun like the wind.

Tired of holding down the W key when running long distances? Hit the HOME key -- your character will run on its own while you steer. To stop, hit HOME again, or press W to switch back to manual control.

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Shut Computress down.

Computress is helpful, but you might not always need her assistance when she pops up on your screen. There are two ways to close her pop-up -- hit ENTER, then click the red button underneath her dialogue box, or just press the tilde (~) key on your keyboard. Voila!

Dress to impress . . . and destroy!

The clothing you choose for your avatar makes a big difference in your combat success. When choosing items for your torso, legs and feet, be sure to check the item stats to make sure your clothes are giving you the best possible advantage against enemies. Accessory items like capes, masks and hats won't affect your attack or defense numbers, so you can customize with those to your heart's content!

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Piping hot keys!

For players that like everything fast, we've provided a number of hot keys:
J – Opens your Mission Journal.
I – Opens your my Stuff/Inventory.
P – Opens your Email.
C – Gives your tired Nano a Nano Potion to increase stamina.
M – Brings up your map.
X – Uses your summoned Nano's power.
~ – Closes out top window or pop-up.

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Step left or right to survive a fight.

When a monster is planning an Eruption attack, the ground at your feet starts to fill with Fusion goo. Use your A and D keys to side step the attack and avoid damage.

Hungry for more information? Check out the Quick Start Game Guide, Help Center and the in-depth Game Manual.

For more information about FusionFall, you can check our FusionFall Feature.

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