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These tips and hints are original posted by crazybjörn on rihardsonline.com. The author has been in Popmundo for more than 800 days. He's found the first few weeks, or even months spent in Popomundo are pretty much the hardest ones, so he wrote this guide to help those who would like to know more about this life-simulation game.


Popomundo Tips and Hints

By crazybjörn @ rihardsonline.com

1. First and foremost, "Popomundo Help" section of the game answers a lot of questions that people have, and ask others on daily basis. You can find it under Community menu item. While yes, it isn't exactly complete and updated often, it still is a great resource.

2. Newbie Question Forum
. A lot of people tend to ignore the forums, a big mistake if you ask me. The in-game forums a great source of a lot of information especially on the latest cutting edge features that have been added to the game but haven't been fully explained in the help section. There is also a "Sticky" thread in the NewBie forum which lists quite a few guides and tips as well.

3. Solo vs group. If you are just starting out, I highly recommend that you find a band to join, or get some friends to sign up as well and start a band with them. Why? Because there are a lot of career things that need to be done to get popular, which leads to money. You need someone to write songs, someone to produce the songs, someone to direct your video clips, and someone to talk to the media. Yes you can do all of these things on your own as a solo artist but it will take a lot longer to achieve anything.

4. Get a well paid job
. A lot of companies offer top salaries and additional bonuses just so that you'd work for them. For example my company owns a jamming place in Glasgow, and I offer top wages possible in Glasgow in addition to a free skill book of your choice. Have a look around for a good position, don't just go with the first thing that you see.

5. Improve the right attribute(s)
. You don't want Vocals, even if you are a Lead Singer, it's for most parts useless. Musical Talents is good for writing songs, so if that's your role in the band, then max this out first, if not then pick either Charm or Looks as both are important for on stage performance. IQ is a bit of a mystery, some people say it helps to gain skills quicker, but that hasn't been confirmed as far as I know.

6. Tour in a bus, avoid flying
. Yes, traveling in a tour bus takes a lot longer than flying, but it doesn't eat away your mood and health ratings. Make sure to upgrade your tour bus as soon as you can, and don't forget to keep spare tires and tools to fix it in your tour bus.

7. Talking to media
. With the right skills and a few band mates it can mean the difference between, 10,000 and 1,000 sold tickets. I don't know if the effect is still as big as that (haven't had the need to talk to media in quite a while) but early in the game it can make a big difference.

8. Universities rock
. Especially in bigger cities. You can learn pretty much most skills from masters at universities and for free as well. No need for skill books or anything. Just drop by your local university, and interact with people who teach there and ask them (through the interaction screen) to become their apprentice.

9. Avoid loans
. I have seen many people, including my band mates being locked up in prison just because they took out a loan and weren't able to pay it off in time. Morale of the story, only spend money that you have.

10. Use bank account(s)
. There is no reason to have more than $4,000 on your character, so keep all the excess money in a bank account, not only will you earn some percentages from it, but you also won't spend too much money when your spare time mission is set to "Go Shopping" to increase your mood.

11. Don't rip lyrics
. Pretty sure this is basically written all over the place, but once more. Don't do it, it's not worth it, and it's a crime punishable with quite lengthy sentences in prison in Popomundo.

12. Max out genre skill
. Without it you won't be able to jam effectively.

13. Albums and singles are cash cows
. If you have a good record studio contract then you can make a lot of money with singles and albums. That doesn't mean though that you should neglect touring and playing concerts, as that is the meat of the game.

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Read the original article on rihardsonline.com: Popomundo Tips and Hints

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