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This guide is originally from Free Farm Game Official Site. When you read this guide, maybe you'll notice that every picture has a hand icon. It's very useful for you to understand this guide.

Starting Guide
From Official Site

To become a good farmer you will have to manage your crops and livestocks. As you can see, you start out with a chicken coop with two chickens, a male and a female. The animals have to be fed and watered everyday. Animals outside of the coop will find their own food but you still have to give them water.
To feed your chickens, click on the coop and open up the action menu. Click on the feed button and your chickens will be fed for the day. If your chickens don't get any food for 3 turns straight they will not survive. So make sure you feed them every turn.
Click on the water button to give them water. Not giving them water for three turns straight would be fatal to your chickens. You will have to give them water every turn.
If the hen has laid some eggs you will be able to see the Collect Eggs button, click on it to collect them. The eggs will be transfered automatically to your storage. The number of eggs to collect depends mainly on how many hens you have.
If your coop is dirty, the Clean Up button will appear. Click on it to clean up your coop. A certain amount of hay will be used.
If the number of chickens does not exceed the maximum population of your coop, you can breed them. Click on the Breed button. If successful a chick will be born in a few turns. If it doesn't work, you will have to wait for the next turn to reuse the Breed button.
If you cannot wait you can purchase extra chickens with the Buy Livestock button. It is rather expensive at the beginning of the game so it may be better to breed your livestock.
Now, on to the crops. Click on an exploited land in front of your storage silo or the ones around your house. If you see a Buy Land button that means you are not on the right piece of land. Remember you have 3 unexploited pieces of land. When you get it right you will see a Till button. Click on it to till the land then click on the Seed button. A menu will appear showing the different type of crops you will be able to plant. Now here is the tricky part...what crop to plant?

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