Play Virtual City: Skill Based Real-Money Gaming

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Play Virtual City

The Play Virtual City game works much like how it sounds. Your purchasing "virtual real estate" in hopes that the property value will increase and thus making you a wise real estate mogul. In Virtual City you have the ability to purchase investment property -- apartments, condos, lofts and more which change in value very quickly.  These virtual buildings have virtual "tenants" that live in the complex and have a mind of their own. 

Values That Effect Property Value

There are a number of factors that effect the value of the property including tenants, improvements, and Movement or Trend.

When you purchase your property you should take a look at the number of tenants living there.  If the number of tenants living in the property increases then there is a good possibility that your property value will also increase.  You should also take a look at the properties Movement or Trend. This factor tells you how popular the property is becoming in the area and this factor plays in the likelihood of new tenants moving into your complex, as well as if current tenants will be moving out. You will also have the ability to make improvements to the property and add value to the tenants living there.  This can effect the movement or trend of the property and make the property more likely to sell to another player quickly. 

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Real Time Game Play

The game operates in "real-time".  This means that 24 hours a day the property values in Virtual City are changing.  In addition, tenants are finding new homes, and other players are reviewing and purchasing property.  When tenants move from one apartment complex to another and trend plays an effect on the property values -- this is called a "TURN".  Consider "turns" it a roll of the dice.  During this "turn" the trend of the apartments and tenants living in each apartment will change and give the players (you) a new perspective on each property and give insight to making good investment decisions.  The number of "TURNS" in a single hour of can increase or decrease during the day depending on the number of active trades from other players.  As a good rule of thumb, there is one turn per real world hour.  During busy times of the game a "turn" might occur every 10 minutes.

The Peer To Peer Economy

Another powerful aspect is the economy.  The economy is purely peer-to-peer which means you are directly competing against other players.  Anytime a property is bought or sold it is done so by another player just like yourself.  When you purchase property the revenues from the sale go directly into the account of the other "player seller".  There are no AI players in this game and the only computer controlled aspect is the formulas in which the tenants choose their new homes.  These formulas are controlled by the actions of the players of the game and the choices they collectivity make.  This being said -- there is not a "random" factor in the game play.

Desposits & Withdraws

The site offers both REAL MONEY and PLAY MONEY modes of game play.  If you choose to play for REAL MONEY then you will have to make a deposit in order to purchase your first property.  This can be done quickly and your Virtual Dollars will show up instantly in your account.  Withdraws are handled much in the same way.  You can request a withdraw at any time and you will receive your payout within 24-48 hours of the request. 

Legal Ownership of Property

One thing you have to understand is that when you purchase a virtual property -- you are the legal owning entity of that property.  Each property is considered its own intellectual property and you own the property until you sell it to another player.  You should consider your property an asset and will never be considered valueless.  There are only 13 properties on the playing board so holding ownership of one of these properties is much like having ownership of 1/13th of this site -- which is worth a small fortune. 

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