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Here are many guides and FAQs on Evony which were posted on the official forum of Evony. The guides are farily complete in many aspects and you may find answers to your questions encountered during gameplay here. Check out the details below:

Evony(Evony), a massively multiplayer online real time strategy game (MMORTS) developed by UMGE. Evony(Evony) is distinct from other games of its kind by its well-built quest system and emphasis on tactics. Players complete quests, and deploy his troops based on his own manipulation. Evony(Evony) has recently moved to a new server, although still officially in beta.

You can find more information in Evony WiKi. This Wiki will encompass any and all information gathered from the game, with an overall objective of helping players with any questions they might have, providing build and research times, and information about combat and medals. This wiki allowed you to ad information, and use it freely!

or you can visit the Evony Feature on our site.

Some guides and reviews on BBGSite:

Evony Review: http://games.bbgsite.com/content/2009-07-09/20090709013108343.shtml
Evony Review: http://games.bbgsite.com/content/2009-05-05/20090505103730093.shtml
Evony(Evony) Tip and Walkthrough: http://games.bbgsite.com/content/2009-05-10/20090510100639465.shtml
Maximum Resource Productivity: http://games.bbgsite.com/content/2009-05-12/20090512100558989,1.shtml

If you find other guides(Walkthrough\Tips\Hints), Please feel free to let us know.

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