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Manager-Mania is a multiplayer online football manager that was created in South America. Take control of your own team and experience the best simulator in the web, the most detailed tactics configurator, game statistics and many amazing premium features! In this game, you can customize every single tactic details: FreeKicks and CornerKicks are 100% dynamic: Watch your players take their mark, unmark and take that final header to score an awesome goal! 

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You are the manager of a shiny new football team. The season starts with a brief period of Pre-Season, where you must decide and negotiate agreements with several parties. First, the board will make you an initial proposal based on aspects like your squad value, your previous season performances, and other factors that you will learn in time. You can negotiate this proposal for a week, and this will decide things like how many player sign-ins you can do, the club budget for the season, and your cups and league aspirations.

Also, you must negotiate with club sponsors. They will make different offers, and you must use all your negotiating skills to close the best deals for that season. At last, you must get in shape your squad. During this week, you should organize friendly matches to get your players to the best possible physical form before the first league match. It is vital to start the season with your team having the best possible physical form.

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When Pre-Season finishes, you should try your best to even or better the board proposal you agreed for the season. Be careful! Do not agree to do something you will not accomplish later... The club has some trainers that help you improve the squad training performance. You can hire more trainers by accessing the trainer transfer market. Same thing happens for players: There is a Player Transfer Market where you can buy and sell players 24 hours a day.

You can customize your league, cup & friendly match tactics very easily. All league matches are played with your League tactic, all cup matches are played with your Cup tactic, and so on. Once the match has been played, you can watch the game LIVE using our Manager-Mania LIVE Player, and also you can see all match statistics to analyze the performance of all your players. Every season your team participates in the national league and in cups, all for free. Follow your team round by round!

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This is, in short, how the game develops season after season. Every manager can accomplish their objectives using their own playing style. You have much to discover! Only the best skilled managers will get to the top... Are you one of them? Good Luck!

Interested players can find more information about Manager-Mania here.

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