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The Ninja-RPG
The Ninja-RPG is a Browser based fighting simulator game, who takes on the roll of a Ninja. Learn the way of Shinobi as you start as an aspiring Academy Student. Fight your way to the top to become the Kage: the single shadow that protects your village from any danger, or become your village's worst nightmare as a wandering Outlaw of pure darkness.

This is a step by step walkthrough on the official site, covering nearly everything.

TheNinja-RPG Manual: Walkthrough

From the offcial site

Part I: Foreword

Getting Started

  • First of all, Mozilla Firefox is advised. It's a fast, neat browser.
  • Read the Terms of Service and Rules.
  • Make 2 accounts (any more risks being banned). Registration
    • Your email cannot be changed. It's vital in case you lose your password or need to contact support.
    • For your village, choose one with a high amount of village regeneration to help your training. The best choices in order are: Shroud, Glacier, and Current. Village Regen Rates
    • The Quick Start Guide will help here if you have any trouble. Read it after anyway to learn how to play.



Level Holding

Starting off with the easy one, claiming levels can either be slightly detrimental or beneficial to your training. (In this game, you choose when to level up. When you level up, you get fully healed and slight stat boosts.) It's simply recommended that you always claim them unless you're at the rank you plan to stay at (explained below). However, if you plan to be incredibly active, you can hold off on all of them until you're about to rank up. This can be used for the jutsu requirement at AS or the many intelligence requirements.

Rank Holding

Additionally, rank holding is rather similar except more obvious. Don't rank hold because it will just slow down training and any preparations you make for the next rank won't be enough.

Main vs Alt

Choose who your alternate will be. Only play one of the accounts and use the other one for ryo. The alternate will always be a special jounin to capitalize on regeneration (so for that account, follow the guide until it's a special jounin). It's best to decide this after you roll your bloodlines at genin.

Training Method

Decide whether you want to play this game frequently or not. If not, start training weapon offense instead of defense after you get the right amount of defense for the rank you plan to be (235 for chunin, 985 for jounin, and 2985 for special jounin). This makes you battle-able earlier, letting you fight in the battle arena for quick, easy, small cash as well as travel around the map a bit. If you do want to spend the time, though, you can keep training defense and use the level 200 jutsu method. This pays off in the end when jutsu are much harder to raise.


Last is the only hard decision you really have to make. Like most other games, Ninja-RPG has choices for your character that aren't necessarily better or worse. The most important of these is your rank. There are three: chunin, jounin, and special jounin.

  • Chunin are arguably the easiest to play as. They require the least time to maximize jutsu, home regeneration, and chakra/stamina pools. However, they take the longest to maximize offense, defense, general stats, and have the smallest chakra/stamina pools. They can attack/defend chunin and jounin.
  • Jounin are in the middle in all ways. They require an average time to maximize jutsu, chakra/stamina pools, offense, defense, generals, and have average chakra/stamina pools. They can attack/defend chunin, jounin, and special jounin.
  • Special jounin are arguably the hardest to play as. They require the longest time to maximize jutsu and chakra/stamina pools. However, they take the least time to maximize offense, defense, generals, and have the largest chakra/stamina pools. They can attack/defend jounin and special jounin.

The main reason being a special jounin is so hard is other players. Some of the most competitive players are special jounin and have been playing since close to the game's launch in January 2008. On the other hand, being a chunin lets you avoid these players. As a side note, in quantity, there are more competitive special jounin than chunin than jounin.

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