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Dead Frontier
This guide is originally from Dead Frontier Official Forum, which was written by Capitalist Dog. Through this guide, you'll understand more about Dead Frontier.

Capitalist Dog's Beginner's Guide
By Capitalist Dog

If you do not know me, I am Capitalist Dog. In the earlier days of the Open Beta testing when $100,000 was an almost unheard of thing, I made a name for myself initially by starting off as a scientist and aiming to make money purely by working the markets and NOT playing the game at all. So this happened for a day or two and my first $1-2,000 was made purely off of starting with the $10 or 20 that you get as a scientsit and buying stuff and selling it for more. Whilst this was great and all, it took too long and was rather boring. So my stint at earning capital in an economic sense kind of ended abruptly as I made a voiw to show everyone who was saying it was impossible to get to the deepest area's of the city and thus the best loot stats without awesome equipment and stats. So going out into the city after scrapping my penknife, with basic stats (no athlete or other class stat boosts for me!) my first trip got me to within 4 blocks of the extreme NE corner of the city before I stupidly got myself plastered between a building, a bus, 2 red long arms and 3 fat reds, all sprinting at me. Suffice to say, in the time since I've gotten up to the NE croner and Deepest SE and gotten back, alive. All on level 1, and 0 experience.

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So how does one go about playing the game? Well reading the online FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is the first step. These are available in the Dead frontier player area on your normal outpost screen as well as on the forums.

Great, so we know how to move and search and attack and stuff, now we're hitting the city. Lets Kill some zombies! No. First mistake is going in wanting to level and kill zombies. You need to establish yourself with some sort of basic money store as well as start stocking up your basic needs for when you do start levelling. Interested in shotguns or machine guns or pistols or melee? Well, you want to go in and start from 0 experience with your chosen weapon don't you and not use this ganky old elitist pen knife - I know I do anyways. So, this is where it becomes really simple:

Scrap that pen knife. If you have other weapons to start with, sure, keep em on you and equipped but you are NEVER going to use them (unless you see a green and then go for him as the loot is worth it) until you have a core amount of cash and the weapons you want. The key to DF is to NOT piss the zombies off, keep the aggro down in other words. You do this by AVOIDING the zombies. Your hand should not even be touching the mouse, all you are doing is holding down 'F' and moving, using sprint only as a last resort for when you corner yourself or are about to be hit. For the first few trips into the city, PICK UP EVERYTHING. You have 30 inventory spaces, and even steri strips and beer scrap at $5 each. If you return with 30 items all scrapping at $5 each, that's $150 outright and enough to get a basic melee weapon at the least. Search and avoid is the key. Scrap what you don't need, store all cash before going into the city again, and rinse and repeat a few times. Steri's and lvl 10 food won't sell, scrap it unless you need it. Stay within maybe 6 blocks in any direction from the outpost for the first couple thousand dollars income, then you have 2 options. Use all the stored equipment and items you have worked towards to start levelling and continuing to play from there, or continue in the search and loot role as you have been by avoiding zombies and searching as you go, but now go deeper into the city.

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My suggestion here for people who haven't played the game before is to probe bit by bit, hit the purple area, learn to avoid them thoroughly then move to the purple/red border areas and do the same, then head in deep only when you feel you are truely ready.

The most dangerous threat, barring any sort of greens/behemoth, to your personnage is sprinting long arms, and long arms in general. The first time you see one of these chaps, if you survive, you will have shitted bricks. Their reach is considerable and their speed is also solid, and this is where sprint and timing comes into play. Whenever a zombie (this applies to crows too) attack, they STOP FIRST, THEN SWING. This gives you enough time to outdistance them with a sprint move, you'll JUST make it out of reach and thus death, but it's all in the timing. If you want a real adrenalin rush (and lets be honest, who doesn't), you might want to have a bash at a building in deep red area's though you are dead in entering at such a low level. It's as simple as that, you're as good as dead. Getting out is a right royal adrenalin ride of awesome, but it's so rare as to not be worth the 40-60 minutes it taken you to march that far into the city in the first place - better to try your luck on the street.

That's really about it. It isn't rocket science, just don't walk into an area you're gonna get sandwiched between and killed, and you'll be fine.

P.S. Great Beginner loot spots on the current map: The 3 buildings inside the 3 blocks, 2nd block then the 2 further north are the buildings to loot, stay in them for a while every now and then a green pops up. Good basic loots, solid income if you are doing the level 1 loots. Pick it all up, and scrap it, go out go again. Loot the interior of the building twice through before leaving, if you are lucky you will get a green zombie inside or outside as you leave.

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P.P.S. I currently have 18/125 experience because Multi-player gives you shared experience for zombie kills between the party, not much but still exp. I got this 18 exp from SHEPPARD killing zombies as I returned from a loot run in a PvP game where I proved I could outrun a level 30 chap out for my blood, once out of sight it was easy, SHEPPARD came through all friendly like as I returned and popped a few zeds. The other half of the experience came from me showing new players how to loot like me firsthand ingame. When people continuously attack zombies after 'swearing' they won't you kind of lose faith in the whole trusting players front. The excuse of "The zombie came at me so I killed it" holds nothing after you've spent 10 minutes demonstrating how to avoid and explaining it right in front of them...

For more information about Dead Frontier, you can check our Dead Frontier Feature to find more information.

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