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Dominage - The Age of Domination, the world wide mmorpg strategy game. After the third world war, Earth is not a pretty sight. Large-scale missile attacks and bombings of devastating power has torn the world into pieces and left its cities in rumbles of stone and steel. In the midst of the chaos, leaders are born to guide the people to a new future, to build cities and new empires.

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Found cities for your people to live in, set up city defenses, build vast armies with many types of soldiers, tanks and aircrafts, research new technologies to create new types of units, unleash powerful missiles to crush enemy cities, command terrorists to cripple the enemy and spread fear amongst its citizens. Form powerful clans for mutual protection and put countries, continents and the whole world under your colours.

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This game now is in beta. Interested players can find more information about Dominage here.

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