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Xblaster is a quick and action-packed real-time battles against real opponents game. Just like in a shooter, you control everything with the keyboard. With half 3D design and complex flash animations, you fight futuristic gladiator battles. Below is a snippet of the review on the Onrpg.com, written by Vincent Haoson.

XBlaster Review: Bird's Eye View Mecha Battle

By Vincent Haoson @ Onrpg.com

Robots have been part of our lives for generations. From the old school mechs that we love to watch on the TV or seeing them kick ass on the big screen. We've always been fascinated with them especially when we get to control these monsters and bring down the house with them.

X-Blaster, a browser-based action MMO from BBgames may just be the answer to some mech madness that we all have deep inside.

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All in all X-Blaster is a game where the core gameplay is well thought of. The controls are simple, and anyone can just register and start fighting immediately. The learning curve is quite easy and anyone should be able to get the basics down within seconds of playing.

Winning in X-Blaster is not just dictated by the pilot who has the biggest guns. It's also important that you get know what mech you are using, how the weapons work and most importantly learn how to use the terrain to your advantage.

A good tip for those who are playing X-Blaster is this. The turret can be your friend just as long as you know how to use it well.

However even if the game is fun the longevity factor of it needs to be taken into consideration, fighting against other pilots and doing missions is all you can do in the game. Of course for a browser game this should be expected.

Browser games don't have the capability of having the same depth of gameplay as most MMORPGs do. That is why it is possible that you may not play this game for long.

Another thing that needs considering is the lag issues the game has. There are instances where when your mech doesn't go with the controls and sometimes gets stuck for no reason at all. This can be troublesome especially when you are already in the critical stage of the fight where a small mistake can either be victory or defeat.

The thing is even with the game has faults like this, as long as you have the reason to play the game you would really spend time and maybe have the reason to stay on playing the game. Of course BBgames needs to fix the lag issue because that's the only thing that is currently killing the fun factor for the game.   

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Read the full review on Onrpg.com: XBlaster Review: Bird's Eye View Mecha Battle

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