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Pit Stop Boss

Have you have registered in Pit Stop Boss and feel lost? You don't know how to make your team work? Then, this article may help you. This is an official "How to Play" help on the Wikispaces, which tells how to manage your team and how to join a race, etc. It's a proper tutorial for newbies.

How to Play

From the offial wiki

So you've just joined and wondering what to do next? Start by looking on your Team page.

Pit Stop Boss Help

When you first start Pitstopboss, you are given a basic chassis, tyre and engine contract and also one driver.
You are also automatically entered into a basic competition that will start as soon as 22 other drivers are entered (this could take up to a few hours).

Once it starts, you will be notified by email and in the game.

As you'll see, we've already entered you into your first race which lasts for 48 hours per session, to give you plenty of time to get to grips with the workings of the game.

You'll notice that there's a countdown next to the race, indicating how long is left until the session is over.

Pit Stop Boss Help 2

When the session does start you must log in and send your driver out before the clock ticks down again for the end of the round.

Click on the green Go Racing button on your Team page. There are lots of different elements to the race you have to set up in order to make conditions ideal for your driver to get the fastest time possible.

Pit Stop Boss Help 3

Firstly look at the weather conditions. What kind of tyres are you going to need? If it's hot for example you'll want to make sure that you have some Hard compounds to race with. With this in mind look at Tyre Set Allocations at the bottom of the page.

Pit Stop Boss Help 4

Here you can choose what combination of tyre compounds you will be using for the race. This cannot be changed once your driver has set off on his first run so choose carefully and make sure that you click on Select Tyres once you've decided.

The next step is to look at the Track Info page.

Pit Stop Boss Help 5

Here it will give you a rough idea of how to set up each element of your strategy. For example it will show you if you should use low, medium or high Suspension.

Pit Stop Boss Help 6

Alter your setup according to this information and click on update settings.

Pit Stop Boss Help 7

After each run the driver will give you advice on how to improve your setup and get it as close to 100% as possible. Setup Suggestions will be highlighted in green when there is new advice.

Pit Stop Boss Help 8

Hint: sending you driver on long runs of 16 laps with 0% Driver Pace for the first few rounds will result in more tips and a better setup

Once you have a high percentage setup you should save the settings so that you can save time the next time that driver races on that track under the same conditions.

Pit Stop Boss Help 9

Click on Setup Management at the bottom of the page. Here you can allocate the settings with a name and description and save them. You will be able to load those settings for future races.

Pit Stop Boss Help 10

As you come to the final few runs you have to start considering going for the fastest laps possible. It's advisable to have as few laps as possible for those runs (the less fuel weighing down the car the better) and to make sure that your Driver Pace and Engine Revs are at 99%.

Once your driver has completed 10 runs you can now see how well he's done and how he compares to other drivers who have already been on the track.

Not at the top? Not to worry, as your driver and car get better so will you as a manager, you'll be up there with the best in no time!

Read the original one and other guides on Wikispaces: How to play

About Pitstopboss

Pitstopboss puts you right on the pit wall, with access to live feed from the track and gives you the opportunity to alter race strategy as you see fit. You have control over car development, setup & race day strategy as you pit your management skills against thousands of others online.

You could find more information in our Pitstopboss feature.

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