Pigskin Empire: Be a Coach in the Empire Football Universe:

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Pigskin Empire Game Title: Pigskin Empire
Genre: Simulation
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Open Beta
Theme: Sports
Period: Present Time
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Buy ingame advantages
Developer: pigskinempire.com
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Pigskin Empire
is an multiplayer online football game in which players are coaches in the Empire Football Universe.(EFU)

Players can seek head or assistant coaching jobs in either the College or Pro ranks within the EFU and try to guide their teams to pigskin success by building and developing their team and developing strategy. Players can also collaborate with other players by building a coaching staff made up of other players in the EFU.

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Build Your Team

  • College coaches recruit players from around the country
  • Pro coaches draft players from college teams, trade with other pro teams or pick up free agents
  • Build up your player's attributes through training drills and practices

Design Your Playbook

  • Create limitless plays using our play design tool
  • Set your formations, play calling tendencies and gameplan
  • Set up practice sessions to watch your plays

Take The Field

  • Watch your games live
  • Call plays live with the unique play calling feature

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Get a Job

Once you are a coach you need to find a job. When you log-in you will be taken to your "home office" which will be located in the hometown that you selected. To find a job click on the big MAP and find your way to a town that has a pro or college team (they are marked on the map) and interview for a job. Head Coaches are only hired after the season but can become an assistant any time. If the team has a CPU Head Coach you will get an offer immediately. Otherwise it's up to the player who is the Head Coach of the team you interviewed for

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Although there are slight differences in Pigskin Empire, the general rules of the game are the same as in real life. In the college game they have added a playoff system. This system takes the winners of the 11 conferences plus the 5 best at-large teams and runs a single-elimination playoff. The pro game is mostly the same but they use the college rules for overtime situations.

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Building Your Roster

The first step to building a team is getting your players. There are a few ways to do this in both college and the pros. In the college game you fill your roster by recruiting high school and junior college players or from players transferring from other colleges. Pro teams build their roster through the Draft, picking up free agents and through trades with other pro teams.

College coaches recruit H.S. and JUCO players using the map. Travel to a player's hometown and click on their name in the balloon to visit and scout them. Keep players high on your list by visiting them often. You can also call them using the phone.

Pro coaches aquire players through the draft. See "The Draft" help page for more. You can evaluate college prospects by visiting their college town using the map. Pick up free agents at any time by going to the free agent page from the clipboard. You can also initiate a trade with another team from the clipboard.

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