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Game Title: Farmersi
Genre: Simulation
Graphics: Text with Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Business
Period: Present Time
Time Units: Turns
Fee: Optional premium accounts
Developer: Farmersi
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Farmersi is not just another mindless multiplayer browser based game. It is an economic game in which players manage their virtual farms in the Wild West - they grow crops, raise cattle and make investments. Create your own farm and manage it better than other players to win! Make continuous progress with your character while you challenge opponents in normal, league, scenario, and team play! Individual games are 1-9 players at a time and last for 6-17 turns, with turns calculated every 5/10 minutes, 12h, or 24h. While you are having fun you just might also learn helpful business skills and develop insight into how economies and markets function.

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Goals of the game

Each game has one of following goals: achieving the greatest equity (a), buying the biggest amount of land (b), storing in granary the largest amount of grain (c), achieving the highest export income (d) or raising the biggest possible herd of cows or sheep (e). Depending on the chosen goal the name of the game ends with relevant letter (a, b, c, d and e). The final score is based only on value defined in the game's goal - if e.g. goal is to collect as much grain in granary as possible other parameters like, for instance, equity valuation have no influence on the score.

Game sheet

In the game sheet you can see all the information about your farm, situation in town and results of other players. Also here you make your decisions:

  • you set the amount of land, cows/sheep you would like to buy or sell
  • cows or sheep you can destine for slaughter (they will be processed into meat) or export to a big city's market
  • you specify whether you want to sell produced grain on local market or export market
  • you make your decisions concerning investments

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  • in bookmark 'finances' the results of your farming and your equity structure are shown
  • at the end of the game sheet you can find a button 'save decisions' - only after clicking it your decisions will be saved
  • there are two views of game sheet available - with bookmarks (default) or without bookmarks (as one long page) - the preferred view you can choose in bookmark 'my profile'

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3 areas

There are three areas that generate income: plants cultivation, livestock raising and investments. To cultivation and stock-raising you need to have land and you can increase production thanks to 'supporting' investments. The 'standalone' investments generate income by themselves and don't demand having any land.

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After each turn calculation you have 24 hours for making decisions.

  • on local market you make decisions concerning how many units of particular good (land, animals or sacks of grain) you'd like to buy or sell
  • you can use red and green arrows to set your offer
  • you make your decisions for five different price levels because price in the next year can: stay unchanged, increase or decrease by 10%, increase or decrease by 20%
  • the price change depends on sum of purchase offers (demand) and sale offers (supply) of all the players - price is set at a level enabling the highest turnover (according to amount not value)
  • because amounts of demand and supply are seldom equal, often an offers reduction occurs - therefore it happens that you will manage to buy or sell less than you intended
  • if you tick export option you can still specify whether you'd like to export all the particular good or to keep some of it (export transactions take place after those on local market - so you can buy particular goods cheaper locally and straightaway sell them on export market)
  • after the game your experience points (EP) amount changes

Farmersi  Screenshot
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Interested players can find more information about Farmersi here.

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