The Crusades: Medieval Strategy Building Game

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The Crusades Game Title: The Crusades
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Warfare
Period: Medieval
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts
Developer: Craig Rairdin
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Official Site: Click here

The Crusades is a medieval browser based game you can play for free. You just need to register to start playing.

As a player in this real-time game you begin with a small castle. You can upgrade it in the course of the game with 15 different types of buildings and turn it into a fortress. Trade with other players through your market place. Create an alliance with other player or new friends. Form coalitions. Recruit an army out of 15 different types of units including a hero. Compete with other alliances. Experience new adventures with every new round and try to reach the main goal of the server to enter the Hall Of Fame! This and much more awaits you in The Crusades.

The Crusades Screenshots
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Features :

  • For free
  • 15 different types of troops
  • +1 hero you can train
  • Map with water, islands and continents
  • Trade resources with others over the marketplace
  • Communication via ingame mail or one forum every ally gets ingame
  • Powerful servers, daily backups

The Crusades Screenshots
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The Crusades Screenshots
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The Crusades Screenshots
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There are currently two servers. One is normal and the other is 2000x speed. If you wish to compete with others in normal pace, you could choose server 1. Or you could choose the speed server for a short time play and take a sneak peek at the game.

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