WebWars: Weblings: Search for Weblings While Surfing the Internet!

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WebWars: Weblings is a free-to-play, web-based online game in which you can collect and trade an array of the fantastic creatures known as Weblings. It's still in beta test and looking for players.

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Weblings are little beings that live on the Internet and make it work. Recently they've been imprisoned in mirror gates by the evil Bugs. The Bugs shattered the mirrors and scattered the shards all over the internet. The Weblings need our help to recover the shards and release them from their prisons.

WebWars: Weblings Screenshots
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There are dozens of imprisoned Weblings waiting to be found, and more are discovered every day. Can you find all the mirror shards and release them? Collect the shards, trade with your friends, and rebuild a village of happy, productive Weblings who will help defend the internet from its predators.

WebWars: Weblings Screenshots
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Search for Weblings while surfing the Internet! WebWars: Weblings is played through a toolbar installed in your browser, so you can be on the lookout for bugs while reading the news, checking your email, or paying your bills.

Weblings World

The moment the first human connected to online space, a spark flickered in the vast emptiness and the first Webling was born. Though we have always been oblivious to their existence, all of the uncountable communications that make up our Internet experience are only possible thanks to the Weblings. They are the guardians and shepherds of online information. Fueled by everything from fashion gossip to current affairs, the Weblings change and grow, influenced by the information they carry.

As the Internet has grown, what was once a wilderness has become a war zone. Bugs, viruses, and other malevolent creatures have free rein on the Internet, where they attempt to distort and destroy information online. Even worse, they have created a way to imprison the Weblings forever - trapping them within mirror gates, then shattering and spreading the mirror shards throughout the Internet. The Weblings need our help to find the scattered shards, reassemble the mirror gates, and help them become strong enough to defeat their foes forever.

No longer can we browse the Internet unaware of this hidden world! The lost Weblings need our help in the fight against the Bugs. Can you find them before the Internet is changed forever?

You could join the beta here.

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