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Game Title: Dogs of the Seas
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: 2D
Status: Final
Theme: Pirates
Period: Medieval
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Buy ingame advantages
Developer: Core Engineering GmbH,
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Review of Dogs of the Seas
By Jamie Baker

Dogs of the Seas is a multiplayer browser-game. It is settled in the caribbean seas in the 18th Century. You will start your career as a poor pirate trying toearn wealth and glory. On your way you will collect ressources, plunder ships ortrade goods. In your own bay you may build gunsmiths, shipbuilders, mines, hirecrew and you have access to many more options to choose from. You will sendyour fleets to collect goods you bought on the market, search for treasure orbring up a ship to loot.

Dogs of the Seas screenshot
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Take your time to build up your skills, build newships and weapons and for travel. Enter a unique World, put up your Eyeblind,take up your Scimitar and become the most famous pirate of the caribbean! Butbe aware: There is concurence waiting on every mile at sea...

Dogs of the Seas screenshot
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First Thoughts

the graphics are truly impressive someone has spent alot of time putting this game together Externally and internally it has a great Graphical user base check the screen shots below. loading is pretty quick on my connection i cant vouch for 56k (dial up) users. it could do with some sounds waves crashing if that possible I'm not sure if it is.

Dogs of the Seas screenshot
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